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Here, you will find 16 articles that provide lists of ideas/persons/organisations revolving around themes related to the human rights issue of Violence Against Women and hope that you will find inspiration to stop violence against women among the 16 articles that we published. Just click on the headlines to read the full article.

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Transforming Personal Pain Into Positive Action: The Pixel Project’s 16 Female Role Models 2021

The Pixel Project kicked off our 2021 campaign with our annual list of 16 female role models working to end Violence Against Women across the world. Unlike other “Top 10″ or “Top 50″ or “Top 100″ lists, this list is not a popularity contest. We do not select candidates based on the prestige or the fame of the activist. We simply aim to continue giving a shout-out to women who are on the front lines of the fight to end gender-based violence and we hope to highlight as many of these inspiring women and their work as possible in the years to come.


16 Actions The Fashion Industry Can Take To Help Stop Violence Against Women

This list offers 16 actions that members of the fashion industry can take to stop or prevent violence against women. If you work in or are connected to the fashion world in any way, here are 16 ideas for taking action to stop violence against women in all its forms in your industry. While not everything on this list may be suitable for your particular company or situation, we hope that this will be a useful starting point. If you have any other suggestions and tips, please do share them in the comments section.


16 Actions Social Media Companies Can Take To Stop Violence Against Women On Their Platforms

The prevention and mitigation of online violence against women cannot succeed if social media companies do not join ongoing efforts to do so. After all, they are the ones who control the platform and are on the frontlines of cyberspace in the 21st century. This list offers 16 actions social media companies can take to stop or prevent VAW on their platforms. Not all may be relevant or suitable for every case or situation, but we hope they can serve as a useful starting point.


16 Ideas For Teens To Prevent and Intervene In Online Violence Against Women Among Their Peers

The 16 strategies and ideas listed in this article focuses on actions that teens can undertake safely to help keep their female peers safe online.  While not all of the suggestions in this may be suitable for every teenager, we hope that this will be a useful starting point.




The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Male Role Models Helping To Stop Violence Against Women

Our fourth edition of 16 male role models against violence against women provides living examples of positive masculinity that inspire and galvanise men and boys worldwide to become a part of the solution.




16 Reasons Why Intervention Makes A Difference In Ending Violence Against Women

The Pixel Project is pleased to present the annual guest “16 For 16” article from our partner, Breakthrough – a global human rights organisation working to make violence and discrimination against women and girls unacceptable. Their cutting-edge multimedia campaigns, community mobilisation, agenda setting, and leadership training equip men and women worldwide to challenge the status quo and take bold action for the dignity, equality, and justice of all. In 2021, Breakthrough India shares a list of 16 reasons why intervention in violence against women makes a difference for victims and the community.


16 Prompts Men Can Use To Influence Their Peers To Stop Sexism, Misogyny, and Violence Against Women

The Pixel Project is pleased to welcome a guest “16 For 16” article from our partner MenChallenging, an organisation that challenges men to prevent gender-based violence and support its victims and survivors. In this article, MenChallenging shares 16 prompts that men can use during discussions and social interactions to influence their peers to stop sexism, misogyny, and violence against women and girls



The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Notable Facebook Pages by Anti-Violence Against Women Organisations

Thanks to social media networks such as Facebook, the power for change in the world today is more in reach than previously imaginable. For difficult human rights issues such as violence against women, Facebook helps organisations and activists keep the subject – be it acid attacks, female genital mutilation or domestic violence – at the forefront of people’s minds. This article presents The Pixel Project’s 2021 selection of 16 notable Facebook pages by anti-VAW nonprofits, charities and grassroots groups.


The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Notable Anti-VAW Activists and Organisations You Should Follow on Twitter

As part of our 16 for 16 blogging campaign and as an active member of the worldwide Twitter activist community (we tweet VAW news, daily helplines, statistics and information round-the-clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year), The Pixel Project has set ourselves the tricky task of compiling an annual list of 16 notable organisations and activists on Twitter which seek an end to violence against women. Check out our 2021 list and get following! (And don’t forget to follow us – @PixelProject)


16 Characteristics Of A Healthy Relationship

The Pixel Project is pleased to welcome a guest “16 For 16” article from our partner the NO MORE Foundation, an organisation that is dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by increasing awareness, inspiring action, and fueling culture change. In this article, NO MORE lists out and explains 16 characteristics of a healthy relationship.



The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Authors Against Violence Against Women

In 2014, The Pixel Project was proud to introduce our Read For Pixels campaign. Read For Pixels was created in recognition of the longstanding power of books to shape cultural ideas, trigger social change, and influence the course of history. The campaign has gone from strength to strength and through our 2020 Read For Pixels initiatives, we worked with 16 award-winning bestselling authors who hail from genres as diverse as Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime, Thrillers, Mystery, Romance and Horror . Many of them are global celebrities with strong fan followings, others are well-respected in their countries or genres. Still others are up-and-coming stars who have decided to use their talents to support women’s human rights. It is the movement to end VAW that unites and inspires them and we hope that all of them will continue to work with the movement.


The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Books About Violence Against Women

Stories have the power to fire the imagination and provoke new thoughts and ideas. For this purpose, The Pixel Project has put together a list of 16 books that depict violence against women and girls. Some of these stories are fictional and some are not, but all of them will educate the reader in some way about violence, rape culture, cultural mores and misogyny. This list is not exhaustive; there are hundreds of stories out there that deal with violence against women in its various forms. But we hope that these 16 stories will education and inspire you as they have galvanised others over the years to push for change in your community.


The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Films About Violence Against Women

ipad tabletThe Pixel Project showcases a list of 16 films, documentaries and shows about Violence Against Women every year. In 2021, our selection includes a diverse range of documentaries that feature the stories of women from countries including Ethiopia, Myanmar, France,  Tanzania, and the U.S.




The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Pieces of Positive News in the Global Battle to end Violence Against Women

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic continues and so did what UN Women dubbed a “shadow pandemic of violence against women” as the number of domestic violence, child marriage, female genital mutilation and femicide cases spiked tremendously under the devastating effect of the virus on the global economy, communities and cultures. However, even in the midst of all this bleakness, anti-violence against women activists and advocates, individuals, communities and nonprofits/charities are continuing to fight for the right of women and girls to live their lives free of gender-based violence. In the spirit of the defiance, strength and determination of these fierce activists and advocates worldwide, this article shines a light on 16 pieces of positive news of significant progress and breakthroughs in the global battle against VAW in 2021.


The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Striking Campaigns for the Cause to End Violence Against Women

In honour of all VAW activists, nonprofits and grassroots groups who toil in such thankless situations to bring about positive change to the lives of women and girls facing violence, we present 16 of the most striking campaigns/programmes we have come across in 2021. This is the sixth installment of what The Pixel Project aims to make an annual list as a way to help bring these fantastic and actionable campaign ideas to the world.



The Pixel Project Selection 2021: 16 Of The Pixel Project’s Best Interviews of 2021

The Pixel Project’s blog has been one of our key tools for raising awareness about Violence Against Women (VAW) worldwide. Through our blog, we have presented everything from action lists to interviews to detailed articles about positive solutions to preventing, stopping and ending VAW. Here, our Founder and President, Regina Yau, picks 16 of our best interviews of 2021.