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How do I know if I have been raped?

Rape is any form of sexual intercourse without consent. It doesn’t have to involve penetration. As long as you say no, it’s rape.

It’s still rape even if you first say “yes” at first, but then said “no” afterwards. Anything that happens after you’ve withdrawn consent is rape.

Even if you’re in a position where you can’t say no (like being unconscious, for example, or blackmailed), it’s rape.

What do I do if I have been raped?

    • Although your first instinct may be to clean yourself, do not wash.
    • Go to the nearest hospital immediately for a medical examination. There may be seminal and body fluids, mud, debris, fibre, hairs that provide important evidence.
    • The doctor will examine you and your genital area, as well as your clothes.
    • You will also be asked to fill out a form to give approval of the examination, and that the information will be used for police investigation.
    • You may request for a female gynaecologist if you are uncomfortable with a male doctor.
    • Hospital staff will also notify the police.
    • A female officer will take your report at the hospital.
  • If you suspect you were given a drug, you should be tested ideally within 24 hours of ingestion.
  • If you go to the police first, a female police officer will take your report and accompany you to the hospital.
  • Contact your nearest women’s shelter or rape helpline.
  • You may want or need counseling and support. For a list of rape helplines worldwide, go here.

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