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This is a basic safety plan that a victim of domestic violence can use as a starting point. It’s a step-by-step guide to helping you increase your own personal safety and for protecting yourself against further abuse. Think of it as taking your life back.

You can control, and have a choice about how you respond to your abuser’s demands, and more importantly, about your safety. The decision to escape, or even seek help, is completely within your own hands.[1]

Know that your friends, family and co-workers can help and protect you. Let them know about what’s happening, and seek their help and advice.

Print this out and write down the steps you’ll need. Then destroy the printout once you’ve memorised it.

To increase my safety, I can do some or all of the following:

  1. When I have to talk to my abuser in person, I can: _____________________
  2. When I talk to my abuser on the phone, I can: _____________________
  3. I will make up a “code word” for my family, co-workers, or friends, so they know when to call for help for me. My code word is: _____________________
  4. When I feel a fight coming on, I will try to move to a place that is lowest risk for getting hurt such as: _____________________
  5. I can use an answering machine or ask my co-workers, friends or other family members to screen my calls and visitors. I have the right to not receive harassing phone calls. I can ask: _____________________ to help screen (home) (work) my phone calls.
  6. I can keep change for phone calls with me at all times. I can call any of the following people for assistance or support if necessary and can ask them to call the police if they see my abuser bothering me.
    • friend:
    • relative:
    • co-worker:
    • counselor:
    • shelter:
    • other:
  7. When leaving work I can:
  8. When walking, riding or driving home, if problems occur, I can:
  9. Telephone numbers I need to know:
    • Police/Sheriffs Department:
    • Probation Officer:
    • Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Program:
    • Counselor:
    • Clergy Person:
    • Attorney:
    • Other:

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The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence http://www.ncadv.org/protectyourself/MyPersonalSafetyPlan.php

Additional Resources For Safety/Escape:

  1. List of Domestic Violence Organisations Worldwide
  2. 16 Ways to Stay Safe When You Can’t Leave An Abusive Relationship Yet
  3. 16 Ideas and Tips for Women Facing Domestic Violence over the Holiday Season
  4. “Domestic Violence Personalised Safety Plan”, National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence
  5. “What Is A Safety Plan?”, National Domestic Violence Hotline