The Pixel Project presents our 9th annual International Women’s Day Edition of Read For Pixels featuring live YouTube sessions highlighting award-winning bestselling authors in support of ending violence against women (VAW).

This March’s Read for Pixels features Alison Littlewood, Chloe Liese, Cynthia Farrell, Karen Odden, Kate Forbes, Kimberly Belle, Liz Williams, Mimi Matthews, Naomi Hirahara, Sonali Dev, Swati Teerdhala, Therese Beharrie, and Vanessa Riley. Each livestream YouTube session will feature one author reading from one of their books and discussing women and girls in their books and pop culture and why they support ending VAW. Each session alsos include a live Q&A segment for fans and book lovers. The sessions will take place on weekends throughout March 2023.

We will also be presenting our 1st Read For Pixels YouTube live panel session of 2023 in support of our charity anthology, Giving The Devil His Due. “Hear Her Roar: The Power of Audiobooks to Imagine a World Where There is Justice for Victims of Violence Against Women” will feature acclaimed authors Angela Yuriko Smith and Leanna Renee Hieber and award-winning audiobook narrators Kate Forbes and Cynthia Farrell.

All authors have also generously donated a range of goodies to help raise funds for The Pixel Project including signed books and book bundles, author-curated goodie bundles, 1-to-1 video calls with individuals or groups, critique bundles, bespoke stories for donors, and more. Additional goodies are courtesy of acclaimed publishers including Black Spot Books, Dzanc Books, Entangled Books and Tor Books as well as award-winning bestselling authors Adiba Jaigirdar, Carol Goodman, Kathryn Purdie, Romina Garber, Sue Ann Jaffarian, and Sujata Massey.

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