At the core of our online work is social media and its tremendous capacity for sharing, connecting, and educating people from across the world. We’ve chosen to focus on the Big Four – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube – and to use them to mobilise and inform communities about violence against women (VAW) in innovative ways.


Our 22,000 follower-strong Twitter account (@PixelProject) is run by our dedicated Twitter Tag Team. Our 8-member strong team comes from several countries and time zones and they take shifts to monitor the helpline sessions as well as tweet out global headlines about VAW.

We are the only anti-VAW organisation running a Twitter account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days per year which features:

  • 2 x VAW Helpline Retweet Sessions: A global session from 8pm t0 midnight Eastern Standard Time featuring helplines from over 30 countries and a North America session from 10am – 11am Eastern Standard Time featuring helplines from Canada and the U.S.
  • Round-the-Clock Headlines and Articles: Every hour the team member on duty tweets out the latest headlines, statistics, and articles about VAW as well as retweets other activists and advocates to boost signals.
  • Tweet-a-thons and Tweetchats: We hold tweet-a-thons and tweetchats with our partners and guest VAW experts from time to time complete with hashtags for people to follow. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation!
  • Updates about our campaigns, programs, and initiatives: Find out what we’re up to and take part!


We have over 54,400 followers on Facebook who drop by our page for information, ideas, and discussions about stopping VAW with the emphasis on:

  • highlighting positive progress in the fight to end VAW
  • keeping followers informed about major VAW cases worldwide.
  • providing a safe space for people from all walks of life to learn about and discuss VAW.
  • sharing ideas and suggestions about dealing with VAW-related topics including consent, toxic masculinity, workplace harassment, and parenting boys.

Our page shares:

  • Current headlines about VAW
  • Useful articles about VAW including interviews with anti-VAW activists
  • Thought-provoking – and occasionally humourous – videos about VAW
  • Updates about and links to various Pixel Project online events and campaigns as they come up
  • A daily inspirational quote to keep everyone’s spirits up in the long slot to end VAW

House rules for comments box discussion: Keep it clean, civil, and constructive. No victim-blaming, sexism, misogyny, gaslight, bullying, racism, LGBTQIA-phobia, or any other abusive behaviour tolerated.


Our YouTube channel host and archives our livestream shows including our Read For Pixels sessions with award-winning bestselling authors and video discussions with VAW experts.

Like our channel to notifications about upcoming shows and browse our archives for videos that will help you kick off conversations about VAW in your community.


Our Instagram account is primarily a platform for our statement photo campaigns like our annual People and Pets Say NO! campaign.

Follow our account for pictures featuring our anti-VAW work.

Photo credit: CCO license by via Pexels