J9100SXXN16Welcome to the 2013 16 for 16 campaign blog articles archive page!

Here, you will find 16 articles that provide lists of ideas/persons/organisations revolving around themes related to the human rights issue of Violence Against Women and hope that you will find inspiration to stop violence against women among the 16 articles that we did publish.

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Transforming Personal Pain Into Positive Action: The Pixel Project’s 16 Female Role Models 2012

deeyahThe Pixel Project kicked off our 2013 campaign with our annual list of 16 female role models working to end Violence Against Women across the world. Unlike other “Top 10″ or “Top 50″ or “Top 100″ lists, this list is not a popularity contest. We do not select candidates based on the prestige or the fame of the activist. We simply aim to continue giving a shout-out to women who are on the front lines of the fight to end gender-based violence and we hope to highlight as many of these inspiring women and their work as possible in the years to come.

Standing Up To Stop Violence Against Women: 16 Anti-Violence Against Women Male Role Models 2013

patrick stewartThis is The Pixel Project’s first list of male role models who are male allies to the cause to end violence against women and girls. As with our annual Female Role Model list, this list is not a popularity contest. Candidates are selected based on their work to end violence against women in their communities and around the world. We simply aim to continue giving a shout-out to men who are standing together with women on the front lines of the fight to end gender-based violence and we hope to highlight as many of these inspiring men and their work as possible in the years to come.

16 Ways You Can Support A Survivor of Violence Against Women

Holding HandSupporting a survivor of violence requires intentional thought and behaviour toward recognising what the survivor needs at any given moment during their recovery.  And the response to survivors is often very different than responses we may give to other events or issues in a person’s life. To help you get started, we have compiled 16 ways to help support a survivor.


16 Ways Men Can Help Stop Online Violence Against Women 

typingIn the case of Violence Against Women (VAW), the Internet and social media has given misogyny an incredibly visible platform with almost no controls in place to check their behaviour towards women and girls online. Anti-VAW activists and nonprofits and online women’s rights communities are now fighting back with campaigns aimed at getting social media networks, governments and law enforcement agencies to take cyber VAW seriously and to take action to prevent and stop it. As with all aspects of stopping VAW, support of men and boys is crucial to this fight and in this “16 for 16″ article, we present 16 ways in which men can help stop cyber VAW

16 Ways To Stop Domestic Violence In Your Community

volunteeringThe intervention of neighbours and the wider community is one of the keys to stopping Domestic Violence. This starter list provides 16 tips for preventing and intervening to stop Domestic Violence in your community and/or neighbourhood. We have divided the list into 2 sections – one for the wider community and one for individuals. If you have any other suggestions and tips, please do share them in the comments section.

16 Ideas For Educating Kids About Violence Against Women And Non-Violence

Teacher and GirlWith violence against women and girls being one of the biggest and most entrenched human rights issues in the world, many anti-violence activists, educators and charities see the next generation as our best hope for bringing an end to gender-based violence. This is because if we can inculcate today’s children and teenagers with a firm belief in gender equality and non-violence, we would be able to begin gradually changing mindsets and cultural beliefs as the old cultural guards pass away and the next generation takes over. In this “16 For 16″ article, we present 16 suggestions and tips that adults can use for teaching children and teenagers about gender equality, non-violent behaviour and the issue of violence against women and girls.

The Pixel Project’s 16 Best Blog Articles 2013

Blog-and-Pen-300x237The Pixel Project’s blog has been one of our key tools for raising awareness about Violence Against Women (VAW) worldwide. Through our blog, we have presented everything from action lists to interviews to detailed articles about positive solutions to preventing, stopping and ending VAW. Here, our Editor, Carol Olson, picks 16 of our best blog articles in 2013.

The Pixel Project Selection 2013: 16 Films About Violence Against Women

Film-Reel-225x300The Pixel Project showcases a list of 16 films, documentaries and shows about Violence Against Women every year. In 2013, our selection includes a diverse range that span full-length feature films to award-winning independent documentary shorts to documentary series by well-know TV networks such as PBS.

16 Memorable Stories of Standing Up Against Street Harassment 2013

DSCN1190This is the second annual blog list of 16 memorable ways of dealing with street harassment which has been kindly compiled by Holly Kearl, Founder of Stop Street Harassment and one of our 16 Female Role Models of 2010. It provides a starting point for all to learn about and discuss the impact of street harassment. We hope it’ll inspire you to take action.

The Pixel Project Selection 2013 – 16 Striking Campaigns for the Cause to End Violence Against Women

Give Peace a ChanceIn honour of all VAW activists, nonprofits and grassroots group to toil in such thankless situations to bring about positive change to the lives of women and girls facing violence, we present 16 of the most striking campaigns/programmes we have come across in 2013. This is the second installment of what The Pixel Project aims to make an annual list as a way to help bring these fantastic and actionable campaign ideas to the world.

The Pixel Project Selection 2013: 16 Songs About Violence Against Women (and Staying Strong and Positive)

Girl-Playing-Piano-1-198x300In recognition of the power of music to educate, enlighten and help with social change, The Pixel Project presents 16 songs about or related to VAW and women’s empowerment. While there have always been songs that are very explicit about domestic violence, sexual violence and other forms of VAW, we decided to select a mix of songs talking about VAW and songs that empower women because it is important to get a balance between the reality of violence and the message of hope for survival and healing. In 2013, our selection includes Martina McBride, Ed Sheeran and Whitney Houston.

The Pixel Project Selection 2013 – 16 Notable Facebook Pages by Anti-Violence Against Women Organisations

abusenormoreThanks to social media networks such as Facebook, the power for change in the world today is more in reach than previously imaginable. For difficult human rights issues such as violence against women, Facebook helps organisations and activists keep the subject – be it acid attacks, female genital mutilation or domestic violence – at the forefront of people’s minds. This article presents The Pixel Project’s 2013 selection of 16 notable Facebook pages by anti-VAW nonprofits, charities and grassroots groups.

16 Commitments Men Can Make To End Violence Against Women

Bell Bajao LogoWe know that there is no excuse for violence, and we know that violence should never be allowed to happen. So, as witnesses or bystanders to a violent situation, what could we do to stop it from happening? In this special guest “16 For 16” article, our partner, Breakthrough/Bell Bajao, presents a list of 16 actions that bystanders can take to become upstanders taking action to stop Violence Against Women.

The Pixel Project Selection 2013: 16 Notable Anti-VAW Organisations and Activists on Twitter That You Should Follow

twitter1-300x225As part of our 16 for 16 blogging campaign and as an active member of the worldwide Twitter activist community (we tweet VAW news, daily helplines, statistics and information round-the-clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year), The Pixel Project has set ourselves the tricky task of compiling an annual list of 16 notable organisations and activists on Twitter which seek an end to violence against women. Check out our 2013 list and get following! (And don’t forget to follow us – @PixelProject)

The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest – The “16 For 16” 2013 Edition

News-Coffee9-150x150Throughout the year, The Pixel Projects publishes our VAW e-News Digest on the first and third Sundays of every month. Each e-News Digest rounds up the most relevant global headlines about Violence Against Women in one user-friendly blog article. Every year, we also compile this special edition of the e-News Digest featuring 16 of the most significant VAW news headlines in each category of VAW for the year as part of our “16 For 16” campaign.

16 Organisations Working To End Child Marriage

921894_75195247Child marriage, defined as a formal marriage or informal union before age 18, disproportionately affects girls. Between 2011 and 2020, more than 140 million girls will become child brides, according to United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). In South Asia, nearly half of young women and in sub-Saharan Africa, more than one third of young women are married by their 18th birthday. This list presents 16 organisations which directly and indirectly address ending the practice of child marriages and altering conditions which otherwise remain fertile for the practice of child marriages to continue.