Welcome to our Survivor Stories interview page – we are looking forward to helping you tell your story! For more information about the Survivor Stories interview initiative, go here.

When you submit your completed interview form, please also upload a picture to go with your interview – a recent headshot or half-body picture of yourself. This can be either a formal or informal picture. Interview submissions without an accompanying headshot will not be considered.


  • Your submitted picture should be in JPG or PNG format – large in size and in medium to high resolution – at least 600KB and approximately 600 x 1000 pixels in size or thereabouts.
  • By submitting your interview and picture, you are automatically giving us permission to use these materials for the “Survivors Stories” campaign. Your published interview will also be used for the purposes of our overall work to end violence against women ONLY.


  • Please answer ALL questions on this interview form ONLY.
  • Length of each answer should ideally be between 60 – 200 words. Longer answers will be edited for length. This is because the attention span of most online readers is very short and we want to ensure that your story and solutions are as clearly, concisely and powerfully conveyed as possible to them.
  • The Pixel Project reserves the right to select and edit interviews for the “Survivors Stories” campaign. Any interviews containing any form of hate and violence (in language or ideas) against any gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, country, nationality, age group, social class etc will not be featured.