We are completely virtual

The Pixel Project specialises in online campaigns at the intersection of social media, new technologies, and the Arts/pop culture which are created as platforms and vehicles for specific communities to participate in efforts to end violence against women (VAW).

Our current roster of programmes and campaigns include:

We are a “first step” organisation

VAW is a massive human rights issue and most people who want to help often end up overwhelmed by the sheer scale of this global pandemic.

Since our birth in 2009, we have become a ‘first step’ organisation – offering people who are first-time supporters of the anti-violence against women movement opportunities to help the cause in ways that make the most of their talents and professional skills while learning more about the issue along the way.

Our team of volunteers currently scattered across 5 continents, 12 time zones and over 15 cities worldwide, proving that there are no cultural or social barriers when it comes to this issue.

We connect people with resources

Education and information is a key part of addressing, combating, and eradicating VAW. We bridge the information gap for the person on the (digital) street in several ways:

We do NOT:

  • Provide frontline services: We do not run shelters, run our own helpline, mount physical rescues, work directly on cases with law enforcement, or provide counseling/therapy services.
  • Do face-to-face events: All our events, campaigns, projects and other activities are online as that is where our focus is.
  • Provide grants: We do not provide grants to victims/survivors (but as part of our work, we can refer them to organisations who do provide this service).
  • Accept unsolicited funding requests: From time to time, we may run fundraising campaigns in benefit of other small anti-VAW nonprofits or allocate a small grant from our general fundraising to a designated small anti-VAW nonrprofit. This disbursement is at our discretion.