Adam-StevensAdam Stevens – Alumni – 2009 – 2012
Photography Coordinator
London, United Kingdom

Adam is a picture editor for an international photo library based in London, working with photographers worldwide.

Previously he has worked as a picture researcher and ran the research team at To put pay to the idea of a career path, earlier jobs included growing trees and producing corporate videos. As a little one, driving tractors was the dream, as of yet unrealised!

As the Photography Coordinator for The Pixel Project, Adam helps the rest of the team develop the project’s visual style and has a hand in coordinating the creatives who produce and choose the images for The Pixel Project. He also helps with coordinating the logistics of the photo shoots worldwide.

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Alexis ChapmanAlexis Chapman – Alumna – 2010 – 2014
Twitter Tag Team Coordinator
Tucson, Arizona, United States of America

As a survivor of domestic abuse, Alexis Chapman is well aware of the importance and need for awareness and action to eradicate violence against women worldwide. Having spent the last 4 years immersed in the world of social media as a consultant and community manager, Alexis now works as the Operations Manager for a NYT Best Selling Author. She hangs her hat in Tucson Arizona & spends her free time sharing her musings via

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Angelique Mulholland
Interviewer and Writer (On Sabbatical)
Bath, UK

A lifelong and passionate campaigner for the rights of women, it was Angelique’s pleasure to join The Pixel Project in its quest to bring about change through shared knowledge, effective communications and unlimited servings of online positivity. She works on interviews for the Inspirational Interviews series and writes for the 16 For 16 campaign. Angelique is a freelance writer and teacher. Passionate about eduction, she often finds her two professions overlap. She lives in the very pretty and historic city of Bath. You can tweet her and say hi at @LeakyM.

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Annie Varghese – Alumna – 2009 – 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Annie Varghese started her work to end Violence Against Women with Women’s Aid Organisation Malaysia (WAO) in 1999 as the administrator and moved on to become the Projects & Administrative Manager in 2005. As the main focal point for fundraising, Annie worked on various innovative projects. She was with WAO until early 2012.

Annie currently wears many hats; besides being a part of the core team for The Pixel Project, she is also an anchor for a morning breakfast show in Malaysia on national TV. In her spare time (if any) she emcees for events and launches. Her favourite, however, is doing commercials either on radio (voiceovers) or TV.

She hopes that The Pixel Project will get MEN around the world to stand up and champion the cause of Violence Against Women.

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Ariane-LejeuneAriane Lejeune – Alumna – 2009 – 2010
Administration and Research
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Belgium

Ariane arrived in Malaysia in January 2009 and started her internship at Women’s Aid Organisation very soon after that. After a few years of academic wandering, she decided to make something constructive of her time and chose to help WAO.

Today Ariane works full-time in WAO and helps in the projects department. She also helps keep the WAO website updated. She has decided to fully invest this year into making a difference in the lives of others and hopes that this internship would guide her to greater heights for her future.

Working for WAO led her naturally to become a member of the Admin and Research Team for The Pixel Project. She will be returning to Belgium in 2010 after the unveiling of the project.

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Ashley SappAshley Sapp – Alumna – 2011 – 2013
Columbia, South Carolina, United States of America

Prepared to utilize her own personal experiences to combat violence against women, Ashley was more than delighted to join The Pixel Project’s mission. She assists in spreading awareness via the Twitter Tag Team, believing change begins with knowledge and conversation.

Ashley currently works for her city’s School of Medicine and edits the manuscripts created in her department; she has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of South Carolina. In her spare time, she is committed to her own writing, developing her blog, and working towards completing her first novel. You can find her on Twitter at @ashsappley.

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Ashton Davis 2Ashton Davis
Graphic Designer and Video Editor
Tucson, Arizona, United States of America

Ashton Davis is a college student who loves to help others in any way she can. She is a passionate photographer and Photoshop user. Along with this came the enjoyment of design and movie production.

The Pixel Project is an important part of her life in knowing that she is making a difference and she is pleased to have the opportunity to contribute her skills to the cause.

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Autumn Heep – Alumna – 2009 – 2011
Project Graphic Designer
Brisbane, Australia

Autumn has been a designer for over five years. She won two Society for News Design Awards of Excellence, along with other state-wide accolades for her newspaper design at The Post-Standard in Syracuse, N.Y.

Volunteering since elementary school, Autumn has helped organisations such as Girl Scouts, Amnesty International, Meals on Wheels and many others. She is the talent behind The Pixel Project’s logo, watermark and other visual collaterals.

She loves travelling and visiting national parks. Born in Texas, Autumn grew up in Houston, went to school in New York and has lived in Brisbane, Australia.

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Barbara Satterfield Kinsey – Alumna – 2010 – 2012
Texas, United States of America

Barbara Kinsey is a freelancer working on a variety of interesting projects. She was previously a Records Manager for the Global Scientific Services department at Mannatech Incorporated. Before becoming the records manager, she served as the administrator (non-technical) for all things (Mannatech web site). Barbara is a member of ARMA Dallas (since 2004) and AIIM DFW (since 2007). She is currently serving as a secretary on the board for AIIM DFW.

Barbara likes to spend time helping others through ministry, social activity and volunteering for important causes such as The Pixel Project. She is driven to be an example of a compassionate, caring mother to her two boys, Gunter (9) and Trenton (5).

Barbara is currently working on her BS in Psychology at LeTourneau University, Bedford, TX.

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Christy Aden Phelps – Alumna – 2012 – 2013
Music Campaigns Outreach Team, The Pixel Project
Malden, Missouri, USA

Christy is a licensed professional counselor, nationally certified counselor and certified co-occuring diplomate professional instrumental in bringing an evidence based therapy model to the mental health agency where she is employed. She is a survivor of domestic violence who finds raising awareness in her rural community a healing art and is a recent recipient of a scholarship to attend the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence conference. Most importantly, Christy is a mother of four and an incurable dreamer.

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Carolina Ciucci ArgentinaCarolina Ciucci – Alumna – 2015 – 2017

Carolina Ciucci is a teacher, scholar in training and perpetual student. She’s currently focused on reaching her degree in Literature and developing drafts for programmes that help teenagers cope with a difficult reality through literature and art.

She is a longstanding member of The Pixel Project’s research team, helping build databases and find out information and facts that power Pixel Project campaigns.

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Catalina Rembuyan

Catalina Rembuyan – Alumna – 2014 – 2016
VAW e-News Digest Coordinator
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Catalina Rembuyan received an MA in English from the University of Malaya, where she developed an interest in feminist and postcolonial theory. From there she grew interested in activism and more practical applications of feminist thought. She currently works as an educator and writes short fiction and poetry.

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Chryste Stallings – Alumna – 2010 – 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada and Chesapeake, Virginia
United States of America

Chryste began her involvement with causes by helping out at marathons and fundraisers. She served Tri-A-Run by registering runners for charity events, including Make-A-Wish, Toys-For-Tots, and the Las Vegas Marathon. Chryste also contributed to other charities such as Police Officers Riding for KIDS (supporting kids with cancer) by participating in motorcycle charity rides with her late fiancée. Her commitment to causes for children, illnesses, women’s rights, humanitarian efforts and animal rights grew as her knowledge for the need to raise funds and awareness for assistance increased.

The Pixel Project allows Chryste to remain involved in an important cause while sustaining some of her passions, teaching her daughter important lessons about life, giving and sharing, as well as reading, research and writing.

Outside volunteering, Chryste is a medical transcriptionist and previously worked as a medical assistant.

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Cici-LeeCici Lixin – Alumna – 2009 – 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Beijing, China

Cici received her first degree in Software Engineering from Nottingham University, and she is about to complete her Master of Public Policy from the University of Malaya.

Besides volunteering with the Administration, Research and Sponsorship Team of The Pixel Project, she has taken on various part-time jobs while studying: working as a consultant for a Chinese health project in with a regional NGO, a data analyst for Malaysia Geographic Information System, a summer school course tutor in Shandong University (China), a TV dramas and commercials model, IT tutor and freelance translator.

She loves diving, travelling, animals, reading and sleeping. She lives with her cat in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Originally from China, this is her 7th year of living in Malaysia because she loves the tropical colours of this country.

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Crystian HicksCrystian Hicks
Oklahoma, United States of America

Crystian Hicks is a mother of two daughters, Madysen 9 and Gabryelle 8. She currently holds two Associates Degrees in Paralegal and Human Service Management. She started out as just a volunteer for The Pixel Project, but has since been placed on the research team. She has enjoyed being placed on The Pixel Projects Research Team, finding out the information needed to power on the campaigns.

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Daniel Armanios – Alumni – 2009 – 2010
Stanford, California, United States of America

In uniting his passions for science, public policy, and public service, Daniel Armanios has worked on projects for NASA, NOAA, the OHCHR, General Motors Corporation, and the Government of Malaysia. Daniel also periodically writes for on the nexus between technology, the environment, and public policy in the Middle East.

Daniel is currently a PhD student at the Stanford Technology Ventures Program in the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. As a Rhodes Scholar, he holds a MSc in Management Research and a MSc in Water Science, Policy and Management from University of Oxford. He also holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a BA in Political Science, both from the University of Pittsburgh.

In his spare time, Daniel loves writing spoken word, playing backgammon, chess, and soccer as well as calling Regina “Margaret Cho” while working on The Pixel Project.

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David Roberts – Alumni – 2011 – 2012
Video Animation Expert – The Pixel Project
Dodge Center, MN

David Roberts grew up in rural Minnesota and is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Kazakhstan 2002-2004). He is the founder of The Other Side of the Tracks, a business focused on consulting other businesses and organisations towards upgrading their media, marketing, and strategy with a heavy emphasis on new technology.

A Russian Speaker, he holds an International MBA from The University of South Carolina, Moore School of Business and has worked in The United States, Costa Rica, China, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Austria while continuing to travel throughout many more.

David writes, animates, edits video, and helps strategize for causes he feels passionately about. To that end, he applies his talents on the Pixel Project Creative team, in a bid to help stop violence against women.

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Eliska Hahn – Alumna – 2012 – 2014
Music Campaigns Co-Coordinator, The Pixel Project
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
Eliska is speaker, writer, radio talk show host, artist, activist, and student. As a survivor of rape, domestic violence, and other forms of violence against women Eliska is dedicated to raising awareness, education, prevention locally, nationally, and internationally, as well as helping women escape the violence and heal. After 20 years in music intensive radio, Eliska now hosts “Speak Out LOUD with Eliska Hahn” in a continued effort to bring information and education to the public. She is also working on two books about her experiences and is a contributing author on a third book about surviving domestic violence.

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Elizabeth Bogart – Alumna – 2009
Florida and Texas, United States of America

Elizabeth Bogart is a published writer and experienced editor. She also wrote in a corporate environment for many years. Her poetry and nonfiction have received awards from The Greater Dallas Writers and Florida Freelance Writers Associations.

She has recently started writing about her personal experience as a victim of domestic violence, a decades-old part of her life she shared with only a few close family members and friends prior to 2009. She writes about domestic violence on behalf of battered women everywhere, including her niece, who also left an abusive marriage.

As a member of the National Coalition of Domestic Violence, Elizabeth quickly volunteered to assist with The Pixel Project’s campaign, where she donates time to help with research and writing.

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Fida Amran – Alumna – 2009 – 2011
Singapore, Singapore

Fida has worked in the exciting world of print advertising with the biggest and leading publishing firm in Singapore for over three years. Before that she spent over six years learning the ropes of statistics in market research. Yes, it took her that long to realise that numbers ain’t her thang.

Now experiencing an occupational hazard where watching TV is no longer fun (because commercial breaks are her biggest turn-offs), she has tried to get more involved in community projects where there’s no such thing as revenue and profit talks involved.

The Pixel Project is her first ever online campaign which combines two of her favourite things – charity and the Internet. What more can a geek ask for?

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Francesca BaiettiFrancesca Baietti
Brussels, Belgium

Francesca, originally from Italy, obtained her PhD from the KU Leuven University in Belgium, where she currently works as postdoctoral scientist in the field of cancer research.With her own difficult experience as survivor of domestic violence, Francesca is committed to ending violence against women. She joined as volunteer the Twitter Tag Team in 2013 to spread the word and increase awareness to stop violence against women worldwide.

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Giovanna (Gia) Ibarra – Alumna – 2011 – 2013
Music Campaigns Co-Coordinator, The Pixel Project
San Diego, California, USA
Gia is the Co-Founder, CEO and Executive Director of the Global Freedom Concerts (GFC) which uses music to educate, motivate and inspire new advocates to lead the global human rights movement. Gia is a survivor of rape, domestic violence, abuse and discrimination who has turned her pain into projects and campaigns involving music, poetry and art aimed at raising awareness about crimes against humanity, human trafficking, modern day slavery and violence against women. She works tirelessly to bring together artists, activists, students and politicians together to find creative solutions to give survivors a voice.

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Gina Yap Lai Yoong – Alumna – 2012 – 2015
Graphic Designer, The Pixel Project
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A fulltime freelancer in a multiracial country, Gina is a graphic designer who writes and a copywriter who designs; a communicator at heart who can’t decide if she loves writing or designing more. She is a firm believer of the power of dreams and has seen her own dreams being fulfilled when her debut novel entitled ‘Eksperimen Cinta’ hit the local bookshelves in 2009. Her works are showcased at where you will discover the passion and dedication she has in all the projects she does. When she is not busy strategising marketing/branding campaigns for her clients, you would probably find her lazing in the park under the tree writing her next novel.


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Joy Grace Syiem – Alumna – 2011 – 2014
Chief Artiste Liaison Officer, The Pixel Project
Mumbai, India

Joy Grace is a human rights lawyer, activist, speaker and a non-profit legal consultant of Indian descent. She currently works as a member of Third Sector Partners. She started volunteering with awareness campaigns and non-profits at a young age, and developed an instant connection to the work. All her volunteering work led her to choose law as a career so that she could be a voice for those without. Joy has two passions: being a lawyer and music. If not fighting legal battles, she is working on campaigns and events that use music to meet the needs of social justice.

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Kendall Warwick-Diaz – Alumna – 2009 – 2010
NCADV Project Volunteer
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Denver, Colorado, United States of America

Kendall Warwick-Diaz has worked for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence for a year and a half and participated in the 2008 national conference in Washington DC. She is the main NCADV liaison for The Pixel Project and works closely with Regina and Annie to drive the project.

Before coming to NCADV she traveled around the world on Semester at Sea for three and a half months. She received her bachelors degree in Human Development and Family Studies in 2007 from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Kimberly Rockhold_croppedKimberly Rockhold
Graphic Designer
Sydney, Australia

Kimberly is a freelance graphic designer living in Sydney, Australia. She is originally from the USA.

She works as both a graphic designer and a psychotherapist, having trained in both design and counselling over the years. Through her work she is dedicated to advocating for women’s rights, and fighting the stigma associated with mental illness.

As a graphic designer for the Pixel Project, she hopes that her visuals can provide hope and support to women experiencing abuse, connecting them through the power of social media. She is excited to be a part of the Pixel Project in a role that can combine both of her passions.

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Krista Goon – Alumna – 2009 – 2010
Web Design Team
Penang, Malaysia

Krista Goon co-manages Redbox Studio, a web design, e-commerce and web marketing company founded by her husband, Nic Sim, in 1998. She’s incorrigibly idealistic and optimistic and lives by two principles – you can’t change anyone else but yourself and yes, you can run a business with heart.

Krista co-founded WomenBizSENSE to help Penang businesswomen become better entrepreneurs. She was also one of the 18 women nominated for the Malaysian Women’s Weekly “Great Women of Our Time” Awards in 2008.

Besides accepting invitations to speak in colleges, Krista also writes, having contributed to,, Readers’ Digest and The Western Australian News. When she’s not networking, consulting, trying a new guerrilla marketing technique or helping with The Pixel Project, she’s just happy chuckling to her favourite Terry Pratchett book. Her other hobbies include uncovering Penang good eats, blogging ( and trying out new herbal soup recipes!

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Kym DeWitt – Alumna – 2010 – 2011
Chief Financial Officer, The Pixel Project
Capitola, California, United States of America

Kym DeWitt is a California native with an extensive background working in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She thrives on helping small and large teams reach their goals by nurturing individual talents, streamlining processes and developing inventive funding and fundraising solutions.

With a knack for stretching every dollar as far as it can possibly go, Kym was compelled to lend a helping hand to support The Pixel Project’s mission. The opportunity to participate in such a monumental effort targeted at a very specific group of women in need, along with the opportunity to work with like-minded individuals, who each share a dedication to helping others, was simply too good to pass up.

Kym is a passionate individual with a Mathematics degree from Santa Clara University. She is focused on keeping the numbers in line, while at the same time keeping the cause and the requirement for high social standards ever present to help guide The Pixel Project to success.

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Lizle LootsLizle Loots – Alumna – 2012 – 2013
Twitter Tag Team
South Africa

Lizle is based in South Africa and works as a researcher at the Sexual Violence Research Initiative, hosted by the South African Medical Research Council. She holds a Masters Degree in Sociology with Specialisation in Gender Studies. Lizle has been with the MRC since 2007 and has a special interest in information and communications technology and the role of social media in engaging and mobilising the field for violence prevention. She is currently supporting the SVRI in its primary prevention projects with particular focus on the development of national rape prevention policies globally.

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Matthew-OngMatthew Ong – Alumni – 2009 – 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Matthew Ong’s passion for capturing moments and an interest in people has led him down the path of freelance photography. Working in both colour and black & white, his portfolio includes weddings, portraits, and events.

Preferring a less intrusive style of photojournalism, his photography is bold, modern, and distinctive. Determined to continually broaden his photographic horizons, he views his work as a never-ending work-in-progress.

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Maria Del Rio Sanin_croppedMaria del Rio – Alumna – 2014 – 2017
Project Assistant, The Pixel Project
Medellin, Colombia

Maria is the Project Assistant for The Pixel Project, working on the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign and all supporting projects, initiatives, and campaigns. Born and raised in Barcelona, Maria has lived in 6 countries around 3 continents. After graduating from New York University in international relations, sustainable development, and gender, Maria has collaborated with several organisations that target men as allies in the fight against gender violence. She is currently living in Medellin, working for a development organisation with more than sixty years experience in lifting people out of poverty with comprehensive programmes.

Passionate about safe and friendly public spaces, Maria loves walking on a busy street and riding buses. She’ll take summer dresses over jeans, and enjoys feeling the sunshine on her skin. Say hi at and

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Michelle Tam
Livestream Moderator/Producer – 2019
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Michelle is a journalist and social media manager. Her non-profit work includes editing a book of stories by 101 Malaysians and creating zombies as a makeup artist. An avid gamer and reader, she enjoys art, fiction, think-pieces and astrology memes. She believes in kindness and intersectional feminism. Tweet her at @ruleoftam.


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Morana Marusic

Morana Marusic is a freelance researcher and journalist, an amateur photographer, and has a MA in Cultural Studies. In her spare time an avid reader, and a fierce believer in women’s rights, especially reproductive rights and safety from domestic and sexual violence.


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Nadia Dawson – Alumna – 2010 – 2011
Washington DC, United States of America

Nadia Dawson has worked in the human services consulting field for the past seven years, serving in various communications roles, including digital strategist, marketer, writer, editor, and art director. Through work and volunteer experiences, she has been able to combine her interests in digital and social media, issue advocacy, and social innovation by working on projects for corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits.

Nadia will help to manage The Pixel Project’s social networks and spread the word about the campaign online as part of the Web 2.0 team. You can connect with her on Twitter at

Originally from London, Nadia is now living and working in the Washington, D.C. area and completing her master’s degree in communications, with a focus on public relations, at The Johns Hopkins University.

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Patricia-PintoPatricia Pinto – Alumna 2009 – 2010
Project Copywriter
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Patricia is a copywriter based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, since March 2007. Prior to that, she worked as a freelance writer (with KL Weekly, an online mag), a journalist (with YTL e-Solutions) and volunteers her creative time and space for non-corporate interests including being one of The Pixel Project’s two main copywriters.

Outside The Pixel Project, Patricia is the copywriter for Comic Fiesta, the largest anime and comic convention in Malaysia. Her main duties are simple; translating client’s requirements and original content into a format more easily accepted for the Web. There are also other times when she’s required to source for new content. This has led her to be a surface expert on several subjects, leading to the nickname, Wiki Pat.

A snapshot of Patricia’s life can be seen at

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Se-ShaunaSe-Shauna Wheatle – Alumna 2010 – 2011
Oxford, United Kingdom and
Kingston, Jamaica

Se-shauna is a Rhodes Scholar currently pursuing a Master of Philosophy in Law at the University of Oxford, with a firm focus on human rights in the Caribbean. Her adult life consists of more than five years of legal study and internships in Jamaica and the United Kingdom.

Throughout her studies, Se-shauna developed a passion for women’s rights. This has been reflected not only in her studies but also in a submission that she made to a sub-committee of the Jamaican Parliament on proposed legislation affecting women.

Se-shauna has participated in a variety of presentations, moots and conferences on international law and human rights. Her hope is that this will one day translate into a practice that is centred on advocacy for greater inclusion of and respect for international human rights in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Despite her packed schedule, Se-shauna loves volunteering on The Pixel Project as part of her dedication to women’s rights.

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Shan Huang – Alumna 2009 – 2010
Software Programmer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and China

Shan graduated with a degree in Computing from Nilai International University College, Malaysia and is currently a Master of Management Information System student.

Shan works in the Virtual Reality Centre, a computer science lab in the University of Malaya as Research Assistant, where she gets to experience practical software development. Her main role is to programme 3D software using C++ language and to document the software development process including analysis, design, and development using UML.

Shan volunteers as a software programmer on The Pixel Project. She is very proud to join in the effort to raise awareness and funds for the Violence Against Women cause.

In her spare time, Shan loves reading books, watching movies with her friends and taking care of animals.

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Lennie-Chan-Siew-LianSiew Lian Chan – Alumna – 2009 – 2010
Project Copywriter
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As a little girl, Siew Lian dreamed of becoming a cop, one whose slick kungfu moves could paralyse thugs and crack the air with a reassuring WHOOOP! no matter what fabric was being worn. Alas, her parents said ‘no’ and sent her for piano lessons instead. She didn’t go very far.

Years later, she dabbled in advertising as a copywriter but was shattered to discover that she was scam ad-intolerant. She then joined an indie youth magazine called Think Online as Assistant Editor. It was brilliant till they ran out of funds.

Siew Lian is now a Senior Copywriter with a leading interactive agency in KL and loves what she does. She is a past participant of AWAM’s Writers for Women’s Rights Programme and helps with the words on The Pixel Project.

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Tiffany Hu – Alumna – 2012 – 2013
Finance Officer – Accounts, The Pixel Project
Los Angeles, California, United States of America

After completing her undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of California, Berkeley, Tiffany worked as an auditor for PricetwerhouseCoopers LLP and earned her CPA license. She then went on to work for NBCUniversal as a financial analyst, strengthening her quantitative and analytical skills.

Tiffany was introduced to The Pixel Project while on leave from her studies at Harvard Law School and was so moved by the team’s passion and mission that she decided to lend a hand to their cause. Her strong attention to detail will ensure that every penny is accounted for and put to good use!

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Wei-VernWei Vern Hor – Alumna 2009 – 2010
Web Design Team
Penang, Malaysia

Vern is an engineering student cum designing enthusiast who has yet to turn 21. When she is not busy crunching numbers and dissecting the laws of physics, she does various designing jobs – web or print – as a hobby.

Recently she interned at Redbox Studio whereby she was introduced to The Pixel Project by her boss, Krista. Excited about the cause of the project as well as the amount of learning experience she could gain by helping to build its official website, Vern now works on The Pixel Project website from her humble little desk in her campus.

She keeps a little blog at

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