Eliska Hahn and Dogs1. What is the “People and Pets say NO!” Project?

The “People and Pets say NO!” Project is an annual photo statement project created in acknowledgement that family pets are frequently also victims of domestic violence and sometimes, they are one of the prime reasons why a woman and her kids can’t leave the abusive home behind because they are unable to take the pet with them. The project aims to show women in this situation that there is hope and help out there.

2. Who is eligible to take part in the project?

Anyone with a pet can take part in the project. Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions and have a look at the photo examples provided on the instruction pages:

3. What sort of pets are eligible?

Any pet is eligible – dogs, cats, mice, fish, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, iguanas, snakes, horses…

4. Why do I have to wear something purple in the picture?

Purple is the colour of the cause to end violence against women. In addition, the annual collection of People and Pets pictures will be unveiled as part of The Pixel Project’s “Paint It Purple” campaign during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

5. What are the dimensions of the picture?

Please ensure your picture is high-resolution (approximately 1MB in file size) and large. This is so people can see you, your pet and your sign clearly.

All pictures need to be in JPG or PNG file format as well.

6. How do I submit my picture?

Label your picture according to instructions, then attach it to an email with the subject header: “People and Pets say NO!” 2023″ and email it to us together with a note telling us your name, your pet’s name, your city and country and any statement against Violence Against Women that you wish to us to publish as a caption for your picture on Facebook and Pinterest.

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