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They support the cause to end violence against women. Do you?

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.

Walking The Walk: A Better Self, A Better Dad

Brian Anderson, co-founder of Fathering Together; Evan Grae Davis, the acclaimed documentary filmmaker of It’s A Girl; and Mike Duncan, founder and executive director of the Native Dads Network will be discussing why it is important for dads to work on recognising and rooting out ingrained sexism, misogyny, and toxic masculinity in themselves, sharing their tips and experiences for doing this successfully, and why this will help dads become better parents while helping prevent and stop violence against women and girls.

This live panel session took place at 8.30pm EST, June 5th, 2020 (Friday). Check out the panel session on YouTube here.

Brian Anderson – USA

BRIAN ANDERSON is the co-founder of Fathering Together, a global initiative to bring fathers together through storytelling, educational opportunities and community. Prior to Fathering Together, Brian worked with college men to understand masculine privilege and devise strategies to be allies for women and girls. As the proud father of two spirited daughters, he works to see a bright future for them, free of violence and filled with opportunity.

Evan Grae Davis – USA

EVAN GRAE DAVIS is the husband of Jennifer, father of Jarrett and Ashton, adventurer, activist, speaker, documentary filmmaker, director of It’s a Girl, and human rights advocate. His passion is to create (and equip others to create) strategic media communication tools that impact culture through storytelling methods that engage the heart. Having encountered the scope of violence against women throughout the world in his travels, he sees advocating for equality and justice for women as a key priority.

Mike Duncan – USA

MIKE DUNCAN is an enrolled member of Round Valley Indian Tribes. His tribal heritage is Concow/ Wailaki / Wintun/ Western Band Shoshone. He is the founder and CEO of the Native Dads Network. Mike facilitates the “Fatherhood is Sacred” curriculum that has been completed by 200 parents and families, helping create a network of fatherhood groups in Northern California. He works with urban and rural native communities, conducting workshops on Historical Trauma/Intergenerational Trauma, Healthy Relationships, and Family Violence and Abuse.

Raising Good Men: Shaping Boys into Men who Respect Women and Girls

Brit Holmberg, a veteran clinical social worker; Davud Grosic, a life coach specialising in helping men manage their emotions; and Dr Prem Kumar Vijayan, an expert in Hindu nationalism and masculinity, will be discussing why it is critical for dads to teach and role model non-sexist, non-violent, and non-misogynistic behaviour and values to their sons in order to help prevent and stop violence against women in their communities. They will be sharing their expertise and experiences on the steps that dads can take to be better male role models and conscientious parents to their sons.

This live panel session took place at 10.30am EST/3.30pm UK Time, June 13th, 2020 (Saturday). Check out the panel session on YouTube here.

Brit Holmberg – USA

BRIT HOLMBERG is a Clinical Social Worker with a decade of experience providing mental health services to a wide array of populations in the Chicagoland area. Brit uses a strengths-based approach to support clients in identifying their core values and finding their voice.  Brit’s interests include mindfulness, anti-racist practice, spirituality, and group work.  You may run into him on the bike path, a community march, one of the city’s great restaurants, or at a playground with his 2 young children.

Davud Grosic – Slovenia

DAVUD GROSIC is from Slovenia and has two beautiful kids. He runs a life coaching business where he works with men to show them how to understand and manage their emotions. The first thing he does is find what is causing that behavior and why is that happening so that they can work to end violence in their families and communities.

Prem Kumar Vijayan – India

DR. PREM KUMAR VIJAYAN did his MPhil in English from Delhi University, and his PhD from the International Institute of Social Studies, in The Hague, The Netherlands. His thesis was recently published as a book, Gender and Hindu Nationalism: Understanding Masculine Hegemony. Vijayan is a father of a son and a daughter and lives in Delhi, India.


Empowering Daughters: Raising Girls Without Sexism

Bernardo Rosa Rodrigues, a public affairs expert; George Ivan Maertens Aramayo, a former NCAA basketball player; and Dr Kyle Ashlee, a writer, educator, and stay-at-home dad, will be discussing why it is critical for dads to rise to the challenge of parenting daughters with as little sexism as possible. They will be sharing their expertise and experiences on the steps that dads can take to recognise and resist ingrained sexist parenting practice while supporting their daughters as they confront sexism, misogyny, and rape culture.

This live panel session took place at 10.30am EST/3.30pm UK Time, June 20th, 2020 (Saturday). Check out the panel session on YouTube here.

Bernardo Rosa Rodrigues – Portugal & Belgium

BERNARDO ROSA RODRIGUES is Portuguese and lives in Brussels, Belgium. He loves spending time with his children and other than contributing to The Pixel Project as part of their Research and Twitter Tag teams, he’s also very active in his kids’ school and in a number of initiatives to make Brussels a greener and more pleasant city. He works in public affairs.


George Ivan Maertens Aramayo – USA

GEORGE IVAN MAERTENS ARAMAYO (a.k.a. Iván) is a Bolivian American raised in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Being 6’6”, he played basketball D1 NCAA and professionally overseas. While studying psychology at UNCG, he played college volleyball too. Currently, he works with Fathering Together to support men struggling with mental wellness. He was a father to 3 daughters, but lost one at birth and another recently to violence. Currently he is raising his youngest daughter who is 17 years old.

Kyle Ashlee – USA

DR KYLE ASHLEE is a writer, educator, and stay-at-home dad who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. When he’s not chasing after his daughter, he spends his time writing and speaking about fatherhood, education, and spirituality.



Using Your Voice: Influencing Male Peers and the Community to Stop Sexism, Misogyny, and Violence Against Women

Albert G. Titman, Chairman of The Board of Directors of the Native Dads Network; Jim C. Hines, award-winning Science Fiction & Fantasy author and former crisis counselor; and Robert De Leon, Texas-based activist and community leader will be discussing how dads can speak up and take action to get their peers and community to prevent and stop sexism, misogyny, and violence against women and girls.

This live panel session will take place at 8.30pm EST, June 26th, 2020 (Friday). Check out the panel session on YouTube here.

Albert G. Titman – USA

ALBERT G. TITMAN hails from the Nishenom/ Miwok/ Maidu/ Pit River/Mexica people. He is the current Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Native Dads Network. Albert is also the Lead Addictions counselor at the Sacramento Native American Health Center Inc. where he provides alcohol/drug abuse assessments, diagnosis, and treatment to individuals, couples, families, and groups to achieve more productive marriage, family, and social adjustment. Albert is the father of 5 grown-up children and enjoys Miwok traditional ceremonial singing and dancing and cooking for his family.

Jim C. Hines – USA

JIM C. HINES is the author of the Magic ex Libris series, the Princess series of fairy tale retellings, and the humorous Goblin Quest trilogy. His latest novel is Terminal Uprising, book two in the humorous science fiction Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse trilogy. He’s an active blogger, and won the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer. Jim was a crisis counselor in college and is the only SFF author with a dedicated section on his website for rape resources. He lives in mid-Michigan with his family.

Robert De Leon – USA

ROBERT DE LEON is an activist and community leader that is strongly committed to community development and sustaining advocacy around health promotion and the role that the family unit plays in the evolution of our society. Robert has worked on a diverse portfolio of programs that affect the Latino community including intimate partner violence (IPV). He a