Our heartfelt thanks to the people who generously allowed us to use their images on our website.

Besides the images below, the rest of the images on the website are courtesy of Jillian Edelstein, our Principal Photographer and our photography team.

Maria Amelia Pava, 2005

Violence Against Women – Why should you care
Felix Atsoram, 2006

About Forced Marriage
Puiu Adriana Mirabela, 2006

Escaping an Abusive Relationship
Manu Mohan, 2007

10 Things You Can Do to Stop Violence Against Women
Asif Akbar, 2008

Recognising Abuse & Gender-Based Violence & About Honour Killing
Kat Jackson, 2005

Abusive relationships
Gry Poulsen, 2007

Partner with The Pixel Project
Charlotte Na, 2009

About Rape
Ruth Livingstone, 2008

About Female Genital Mutilation
David Garzon, 2009