The Pixel Project’s “Inspirational Interview” series is a long-running monthly blog-based interview series that highlights anti-Violence Against Women activists and organisations from around the world. The focus is on the shining a light on the work that they do and introducing them to The Pixel Project’s online communities.

The interviews are long form and in-depth, featuring 10 interview questions about the work of the activist, advocate, or organisation as well as the general topic of tackling factors that drive VAW and eradicating VAW itself. Interviews are published in 2 consecutive parts with the first part coming out on the final Sunday of the month and the second part published the next day. All interviews are shared via The Pixel Project’s social media accounts to boost the signal.

Over the years, interviewees have included Soraya Chemaly, Jaf Shah (Acid Survivors Trust International), Jasmine Patheja (Blank Noise), Mallika Dutt (Breakthrough), Fraidy Reiss (Unchained At Last), Laura Bates (The Everyday Sexism Project) and Kit Gruelle. Interviews are by invitation only.