The Pixel Project Selection: 10 Feminist Revenge Films about Violence Against Women that Make You Think

In September 2021, The Pixel Project released our first ever charity anthology, Giving the Devil His Due, where The Twilight Zone meets Promising Young Woman, featuring 16 tales where abusive

ANNOUNCEMENT: Read For Pixels 2021 (IWD Edition) – Live YouTube Sessions with Award-Winning Bestselling Women Writers saying NO to Violence Against Women

JANUARY 20th, 2021 (WORLDWIDE): The Pixel Project, a 501(c)3 anti-Violence Against Women non-profit, is proud to announce the 7th International Women’s Day (IWD) Edition of their Read For Pixels campaign

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Giving The Devil His Due” – The First Read For Pixels Charity Anthology Tackles Violence Against Women Through Storytelling

December 10th, 2020 (WORLDWIDE): [UPDATED: April 30th 2021] The Pixel Project, an anti-Violence Against Women non-profit, is proud to announce Giving The Devil His Due, their first charity short story

The Pixel Project Selection 2020: 16 Notable Facebook Pages by Anti-Violence Against Women Organisations

Since its founding 15 years ago, Facebook has become a social media powerhouse with over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of June 18th, 2020. Facebook has grown from a

16 Ways We Can Combat Rape Culture

The Pixel Project is pleased to welcome a guest “16 For 16” article from our partner, Breakthrough – a global human rights organisation working to make violence and discrimination against women and

16 Ideas for Taking Action to Address Violence Against Women in Conservative Communities and Cultures

Globally, we are witnessing a shift to the right with a rise in religious, social, and political conservativism. This shift is also reflected in a bolstered patriarchal system and the

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fathers For Pixels 2020 Livestream Series – A Primer For Fathers Worldwide On Taking Action To Stop Violence Against Women

MAY 21st, 2020 (WORLDWIDE): The Pixel Project, a 501(c)3 anti-Violence Against Women non-profit, is proud to announce Fathers For Pixels – its latest initiative to engage men in efforts to