The Pixel Project Selection 2023: 16 Books About Violence Against Women

While many people still see fiction and non-fiction books beyond textbooks as entertainment, storytelling is and can be a vehicle for framing, reinforcing and transmitting culture and beliefs. More than

The Pixel Project Selection 2023: 16 Films About Violence Against Women

Welcome to our 12th annual curated list of thought-provoking and powerful documentaries, feature films and television series that depict violence against women (VAW) in various forms. Every year, we select

Inspirational Interview: Khrystyna Kit, Chairwoman, Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association (JurFem), Ukraine – Part II

Welcome to Part 2 of our December 2023 Inspirational Interview with Khrystyna Kit, founder and chairwoman of the Ukrainian Women Lawyers Association (JurFem).  Khrystyna is a lawyer, human rights defender

The Pixel Project Selection 2023: 16 Medical Professionals Working to End to Violence Against Women

Medical professionals are often the first responders to many women who experience violence. Whether it is to provide immediate help for physical injury, guide recovery from long suffered trauma or

Inspirational Interview: Elizabeth Dartnall, Executive Director, Sexual Violence Research Initiative, South Africa – Part II

Welcome to Part 2 of our April 2023 Inspirational Interview with Elizabeth Dartnall, Executive Director of the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) in South Africa. Liz is a health specialist