Inspirational Interview: Jenni Tuominen – Managing Director, Monika-Naiset Liitto Ry, Finland – Part I

Welcome to part one of our August 2020 Inspirational Interview with Jenni Tuominen, Managing Director of MONIKA (Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland), a nationwide multicultural women’s non-government organisation (NGO) that promotes

Inspirational Interview: Valerie Barter, Executive Director, Violence Prevention Avalon East – Part I

Welcome to part one of our July 2020 Inspirational Interview with Valerie Barter, executive director of Violence Prevention Avalon East, an alliance that spans the Eastern Avalon region of Newfoundland

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Fathers For Pixels 2020 Livestream Series – A Primer For Fathers Worldwide On Taking Action To Stop Violence Against Women

MAY 21st, 2020 (WORLDWIDE): The Pixel Project, a 501(c)3 anti-Violence Against Women non-profit, is proud to announce Fathers For Pixels – its latest initiative to engage men in efforts to