The Pixel Project Selection 2020: 16 Pieces of Positive News in the Global Battle to end Violence Against Women

Violence against women (VAW) is one of the most widespread and toxic human rights violations in the world. It takes a wide variety of forms from domestic violence to rape

The Pixel Project Selection 2020: 16 Films About Violence Against Women

Welcome to The Pixel Project’s 9th annual selection of powerful and thought-provoking films, documentaries, and television shows from around the world that depict violence against women and girls (VAW) in

The Pixel Project Selection 2020: 16 Violence Against Women Survivors Who Became Anti-VAW Activists and Advocates

After surviving heinous acts of gender-based violence (including rape, female genital mutilation, domestic abuse, and child sexual abuse), women and girls are typically left to struggle with the trauma that

Transforming Personal Pain Into Positive Action: The Pixel Project’s 16 Female Role Models 2020

Today is the first day of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence 2020 campaign. The Pixel Project is kicking things off with our 9th annual list of 16

Inspirational Interview: Jenni Tuominen – Managing Director Monika-Naiset Liitto Ry, Finland – Part II

Welcome to part two of our August 2020 Inspirational Interview with Jenni Tuominen, Managing Director of MONIKA (Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland), a nationwide multicultural women’s NGO that promotes the equality