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The relationship between the refugee crisis in Europe and sexual violence emerges again as a series of mass attacks of sexual violence in Cologne, Germany captures global headlines. Following the attacks, Norway’s classes aimed at educating migrants on sexual etiquette and consent have also became worldwide news. In the wake of reactionary xenophobia following the attacks, it is important to remember that refugee women and children are at extremely high risk of sexual violence.

Persistent campaigning by former child brides has led to child marriage declared illegal in Zimbabwe. Gambia has outlawed female circumcision although laws governing women’s attire still exist. China takes its first steps in introducing law directly addressing domestic violence, and the governments of South Korea and Japan are starting to recognise the sexual violence against comfort women in World War 2.

We also highlight some significant civilian actions dedicated to eradicating violence against women from around the world: in the United States the Women’s Club is offering scholarships for survivors of domestic violence, in Kenya a village of women offers protection against domestic violence and rape. Male allies such as the Vice President of the Muay Thai Council and the Programme Director of Plan International Brazil remove the social stigma of men vocally supporting efforts at eradicating violence against women.

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