News-Coffee9-150x150Welcome to the 102nd edition of The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest!

Boko Haram has seized 400 women and girls in Nigeria. Sexual violence is endemic in times of military conflict, and in the hospitals in the Democratic Republic of Congo have reported girls as young as 18 months have become victims of rape.

Significant measures against feminicide have occurred this month with Brazil enacting laws that impose stricter penalties against it. Read also about the women in Mexico who are organizing against feminicide.

The documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ has received strong responses from around the world. In this edition we feature four different news stories offering different perspectives of the film and its reception:
students are defying the ban to watch it in private screenings
the director defends the documentary
an Indian woman from Delhi responds after watching it
the film has been banned in India, but another documentary on rape, ‘Daughters of Mother India’ received a film award

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