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India continues to grapple with issues of violence against women as the gang rape of a photojournalist in Mumbai seizes national headlines and a foreign student shares her personal story of sexual harassment in the country. To address the rate of violence against women, rape survivors can lodge a report without needing to go to the police station in some parts of the country and fast-track courts are designed to ease trials concerning sexual assault, but change may require more than the introduction of official measures.

In Switzerland, drive-in boxes for sex are established in hopes of reducing the cases of violence against women in Zurich. Installing these boxes reignite the debate on whether legalized prostitution is useful or even necessary to reduce violence against women in the sex trade.

In South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Nepal, activists have received a US$ 23 million boost to help eradicate child marriage. Teenagers fearing forced marriage in the United Kingdom have been advised to hide cutlery in their clothing to trigger metal detectors and delay flights.

Internet-based activism has shown to be effective in creating real-life changes when global outcry and an online petition that gathered 2 million signatures managed to deter the lashing of a rape survivor in Maldives who would have otherwise been sentenced for ‘fornication’.

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