With the Music For Pixels campaign in full swing as The Pixel Project’s Music Campaigns team works on getting us snowballing towards 1 million views of The Rose by our first featured artiste – AHMIR, YouTube’s number one R&B group – we would like to say A HUGE THANK YOU to the following Pixel Project partners, anti-Violence Against Women nonprofits and Facebook pages for their support for the campaign and for helping us get the word out on their Facebook pages (and in some cases, on their blogs and on Twitter).

Be sure to click on their names to out their Facebook pages – they are listed according to category and in alphabetical order below!


Pixel Project Partners

1. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

2. Say NO – UNiTE To End Violence Against Women

3. Stirring The Fire

4. Women’s Aid Organisation Malaysia

Anti-VAW Activists, Nonprofits, Organisations, Projects and Grassroots Groups

5. Deeyah

6. Freedom For Survivors

7. New England Advocacy Services

8. Private Violence Documentary Project

9. Project Empowerment / Climb For Empowerment

10. Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence

11. Start Wearing Purple – Support Purple Ribbon Awareness

12. Stop Domestic Abuse

13. The Halton Women’s Centre

Women’s Rights Groups and Media

14. Awesome Women Hub

15. Crazy Bitch Society

16. Ms Magazine

17. Wake Up Women

18. Women’s Rights (Malaysia)

19. Women’s Rights (USA)

Allies for the Cause to End Violence Against Women

20. Achilles Effect

21. Choose Happiness

22. Happiness

23. P.F.O. (Protective Fashion Object)

24. Princess Free Zone

25. The Peace Project


Would you like your organisation/grassroots group’s Facebook page to be listed in our next “Thank You” shout-out for the Music For Pixels campaign?

Why not share our first Music For Pixels music video PSA (http://bit.ly/PixelRoseVid) with your Facebook fans to help us reach 1 million views and to raise funds towards our US$1 million fundraising goal towards our Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign in aid of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Women’s Aid Organisation Malaysia?

Once you have posted the shout-out for the campaign, email us at info@thepixelproject.net to get on the list!

Not sure whether to support the campaign? Have a listen to the music video PSA of “The Rose” here before you decide: