Welcome to the 6th edition of The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest! As usual, we bring you the latest and most relevant news concerning the global project of eliminating Violence Against Women (VAW) in the past fortnight.

F0r many people, February 14th marks Valentine’s Day. It’s also the date for V-Day, a date set by Eve Ensler of The Vagina Monologues fame to recall and remember the level of violence against women, in particular sexual violence against women.

Not everyone feels comfortable with Ensler, and the controversy surroundin her statements have been highlighted by many parties, including feminists. However, regardless of one’s feelings about Ensler’s brand of highly-charged, emotionally raw, and in-your-face form of feminism, what cannot be denied is that with plays such as The Vagina Monologues and the celebration of V-Day – the day during which violence against women is given a second look and is celebrated simultaneously on Valentine’s Day – is that it keeps people talking and keeps VAW in the spotlight.

This is something which is extremely necessary because news from around the world still reveals that there’s a high level of tolerance and justification for VAW. We shouldn’t be too surprised that many people in developing countries accept violence against women as a matter of norm, when an overwhelming number of schoolchildren in the United Kingdom feel that violence against women is sometimes justified, and that a majority of British women blame the victim for rape.

So this edition of The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest is specially dedicated to The Vagina Monologues, V-Day, as well as the performance of and reaction to the play around the world — part of a global step around the world, across theatre halls and educational institutions, towards confronting and ending violence against women.

Think about the ways you can help to prevent, stop and end VAW. Small gestures can mean a great deal. You can send any news concerning violence against women that you wish to see in forthcoming editions of The Pixel Project VAW e-Newsletter to our archivist, Catalina Rembuyan, at catalina@thepixelproject.net.

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Special Focus on V-Day and The Vagina Monologues

The monologues will make you uncomfortable in a good way – Connecticut College.

Vagina Monologues pledge to end abuse – Bloomington, Indiana.

Vagina Monologues is a thought-provoking comedy: Eastern Michigan University.

Bajingos, hoohas and more: Maine – ‘men laugh the hardest’.

Centre Against Sexual Assault hopes that Vagina Monologues to address female sexuality and sexual violence against women.

University of Toledo celebrates V-Week.

A cast member speaks about her experience acting in The Vagina Monologues.

The University of Idaho on performing The Vagina Monologues.

Article debating whether The Vagina Monologues is truly liberating.

United States: Eve Ensler’s “Emotional Creature” is an emotional read, on ” I am an emotional creature”.

General Violence Against Women

Canada: On the British Columbia charter of the We Can campaign.

Canada: Citizens of Edmonton march for Edmonton’s missing and lost women.

India: Manipur widows demand their right to life.

Nepal: Witch-hunts among lower caste women in Nepal.

Pakistan: Over 8000 cases of violence against women reported in Pakistan in 2009.

United Kingdom: Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows revealed a deep-seated misogyny and fascination with violence against women.

United States: Tiger Woods-inspired joke golf balls may promote violence against women.

Domestic Violence

Indonesia: Child domestic workers suffer in silence.

United Kingdom: Advertising campaign launched to tackle domestic violence among dating teenagers.

United Kingdom: Meet Shane Meadows, the director behind the campaign.

United Kingdom: Elderly woman speaks out against domestic violence after 20 years of abuse.

United Kingdom: Many schoolchildren believe that violence against women is justified.

United States: Eve Ensler speaks about dating violent boyfriends on CBS.

United States: One year after the beheading of Aasiya Zubair, American Muslims unite to show solidarity fighting violence against women.

United States: Another celebrity involved in domestic violence – this time, Evander Holyfield.

Taiwan: Domestic violence on the rise.

Rape and Sexual Assault

Indonesia: Teenage girl alleges that she was hypnotized by a spiritual guru before subject to sexual abuse.

Israel and Palestine: Cult leader charged with rape and enslavement of wives.

Malaysia: Landmark ruling allows rape survivors to give live video testimony in court

United Kingdom: A majority of women blame the victim for rape.

Sex / Human Trafficking

Haiti: Legal adviser to the missionaries who were planning to smuggle children out of Haiti has been involved in sex trafficking.

Canada: Sex trafficking and the winter Olympics – Vancouver receives an ‘F’ for failing to pay attention to it.

United Kingdom: UK police may be illegally ignoring the rights of victims of sex trafficking

United States: Proposed bill to alter Megan’s law, which allows for the tracking of sex offenders, to have international reach

United States: Megan’s law could go global with California lawmaker’s bill

United States: Ohio is a major point in the US for sex trafficking

United States: Study indicates that Ohio is a hub of sex and labour trafficking.

Forced Marriages

United States: Disabled men and women make up for a lot of forced marriage – around 10% to 15% of forced marriages involve people with learning disabilities.

South Africa: Girls as young as 14 forced into marriage.

Honour Killing

India: Government to criminalize honour killing.

India: Government to criminalize honour killing – AFP report.

India: The move to criminalize honour killing has caused controversy among India’s legal experts.

Turkey: Girl buried alive in honour killing.

Turkey: Could Islam help in tackling honour killing? – an opinion and analysis articcle on the phenomenon often associated to the Middle East.

Turkey: “If the autopsy report had not indicated she was buried alive…she would already be forgotten…What is really worrying for me…is the thought that some killings are considered ‘normal’”

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