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As usual, we have collated the most relevant news on Violence Against Women (VAW) across the world that came out over the past 2 weeks. Each headline summary is hyperlinked and will click through to the full article.

Over the past few days the world was stunned by the destruction of a small country caused by an earthquake of around 7.0 off the Richter scale in Haiti, followed by an aftershock of around 6.0 in magnitude. The earthquake in Haiti saw the demise of three leaders of the women’s movement in Haiti, while exacerbating the chances of violence against women in the already socially and politically unstable country.

At the same time, developments concerning violence against women are happening in different parts of the world. In the wake of five murder-suicide deaths in British Columbia, the Canadian district is seeking to reform its domestic violence laws to prevent such tragedies from recurring. Ghana is working on a five-year plan to reduce violence against women. In the United States, prenatal counseling is discovered to reduce domestic violence. These are all encouraging news.

Meanwhile, greater awareness about gender violence and inequalities draw a spotlight to things that were taken for granted as harmless but were, in fact, something which perpetrates inhuman practices.

United Kingdom’s BBC points out that stag parties are fuel for modern-day slavery: prostitutes hired tend to be victims of human trafficking. Two incidences of a politician being threatened with rape – one in the United States, and one in Zambia – reveals the extent of rape culture in our society.

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General Violence Against Women news

A call to deepen democracy by building gender equality

Afghanistan: Afghanistan’s women – brief summary of condition of living for women in Afghanistan, with powerful photographs

Canada: Crown prosecutors failed in their second bid to pin a dangerous offender label on a repeat woman abuser

Haiti: Women’s movement mourns the death of 3 Haitian leaders

Haiti: Disaster exacerbates violence against women in Haiti

Saudi Arabia: Government body seeks to increase job opportunities for women, Saudi human rights commission applauds move

United States: Government to work to address violence against Native American women

Domestic Violence

Canada: District of British Columbia announces domestic violence reforms in the wake of five murder-suicide deaths

Canada: More news about the reforms planned in the district of British Columbia

Canada: “Domestic violence plan mostly talk”. Make sure politicians walk the talk!

Ghana: The Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit of the Ghana Police launched a five-year strategy to guide its operations

Malta: Reported cases of domestic violence jump 25%

Malta: More regarding the new statistics of domestic violence – number of cases described as an ‘explosion’

Pakistan: Domestic violence at alarming level

United Arab Emirates: Campaign on violence against women and children tackle taboos

United States: The Charlie Sheen domestic violence case is being postponed

United States: More men speaking up about domestic violence

United States: A letter to the editor raises the issue of questionable language related to domestic violence

United States: Prenatal counseling reduces domestic violence


Indonesia: Sharia police involved in rape, case now casts a dark shadow over the sharia police

Indonesia: Letter to the editor concerning the rape case involving sharia policemen – “stop the violence in Aceh”

Malaysia: Judge to review the legality of video testimony of rape survivors

United Kingdom: Police laughed at rape victim to face disciplinary action. We ask: what sort of disciplinary action?

United States: Insult hurled at political candidate reveals rape culture

United States: Axed former police chief threatened to ‘rape [the] wife’ of police officials who turned against him

United States: Final suspect of the Richmond High rape nabbed

Zambia: Rape threat made against woman politicians opposing the government

Zambia: FDD president Edith Nawakwi angered that the Zambian IGP made light of someone’s threat to rape her

Honour Killing

Germany: Syrian jailed 14 years for honour killing

India: Man bludgeons his daughter to death

India: Couple tortured to death in suspected honour killing case

India: First-time Bollywood film director tackles honour killings

Forced Marriages

United Kingdom: Children as young as nine rescued from forced marriages

Saudi Arabia: Saudi girl drinks bleach to avoid forced marriage, father was trading her in for a 13-year old bride

Sex Trafficking

Canada: Predicted sex demand during the Vancouver Olympics may increase human trafficking

Russia and Cyprus: Under fire from international criticism surrounding the death of a woman involved in sex trafficking, spotlight falls on the European Court of Human Rights

United Kingdom: Stag parties fuel sex trafficking

United Kingdom: Gangs traffic women for stag parties

United States: Comic Creators’ Alliance project launch to support Love 146, dedicated to fighting sex trafficking

United States: Human trafficking in California

United States: Clip of Lindsay Lohan’s documentary on sex trafficking is now available

United States: Meeting in San Antonio, Texas on fight against human trafficking.

United States: One American Indian woman’s long fight to escape prostitution

United States: Couple devotes life to end human trafficking

United States: Campus screening of ‘Slavery Still Exists’, a documentary on human trafficking

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