Always wondered how you could get involved with ending Violence Against Women (VAW) wherever you are but hampered by the:

  • Lack of time?
  • Lack of opportunity?
  • Lack of resources?

Well, here are just some of the things you can do, wherever you are in the world. Some of the initiatives below just take 5 seconds, some take just 10 minutes, some are daily, some are for those who really want to get heavily involved.

In other words, we at The Pixel Project have something to suit everybody and we want to show that getting involved in ending VAW can be as easy as the push of the button!

It’s truly time to end Violence Against Women. Together.


1. The Pixel Project’s “Wall of Support” campaign

We are launching The Pixel Project’s “Wall of Support” on International Women’s Day 2010 (8 March 2010) and are currently sending out a call for submissions of video endorsements from all supporters.

Here’s your chance to join a growing global chorus of voices calling for an end to Violence Against Women – All you need is 10 minutes and a webcam!

For FAQs, guidelines and a starter script, please go here.

You can also RSVP on our “Wall of Support” event page here.

2. A Call to Action: The Pixel Project’s “Plus One” Facebook Campaign

Our Facebook campaign has now amassed almost 3,000 supporters to end Violence Against Women.

We are aiming to double our number of supporters, so please join our page invite just one other person to join us too. Men are especially welcome as there are still too few good men out there willing to publicly stand up against Violence Against Women.

To join our Facebook page, go here.

N.B. Most of our supporters have joined our Facebook group but we are moving everyone over to our Facebook page and will be closing our Facebook group by the end of March 2010.

3. A Call to Action: Join The Pixel Project’s Finance Team

We are now recruiting for volunteer Finance professionals/MBAs to join The Pixel Project’s Finance Team.

It’s an exciting time to join as you will be helping shape our future!

For more details and/or to apply, please refer to our call to action here.

4. The Pixel Project’s Twitter Ambassador Network

Want to help us raise awareness about Violence Against Women but no time to do heavy duty volunteering?

Why not become a Twitter Ambassador for us if you are on Twitter anyway?

All you need to do is re-tweet 5 or more of our tweets per day which range from DV/VAW helplines in up to 20 countries across the world to links to the latest news and views on VAW.

For FAQs and to sign up, please visit here.

5. The Pixel Project Buttons and Banners

Our brand new buttons and banners are now ready! You can find them here.

Please download and feel free to use on your social media profiles and blogs to signify your support for The Pixel Project and our work to end Violence Against Women!

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