As an Internet-based, Web 2.0-driven campaign, our website is our natural home and The Pixel Project team is proud to welcome all of you to Phase 1 of our brand new website, after months of painstaking research, copywriting, editing and web design by our volunteer team of web designers and copywriters (Krista, Vern, Siew Lian and Patricia).

The Head of our web design team, Krista, describes it best when she said: “We made amend after amend, we tested it over and over. We worked with technical issues such as cross-browser compatibility. I’m proud to say that we did not use any design software to design this website; it is coded by hand. Every line of it.”

The Pixel Project’s website was designed to facilitate our triple-bottomline mission of raising awareness, raising funds and raising volunteer manpower for the Violence Against Women (VAW) cause.

In terms of raising awareness, especially in the case of such an emotionally-charged and difficult-to-face issue as VAW, we felt that half the battle would be won if:

  • The information is easily accessible
  • The information is easily understandable – plain, crisp, simple language
  • The information is viral and portable – easily shared with others

Hence we paid much attention to making the website fast-loading, easy to navigate with clear links menus, easy to provide feedback and easy to share – just mouse over the “Share/Save” buttons on top of every page and you’ll see .

As such, it is our intention for our website to function like a centralised virtual resource and classroom on and gateway to all things VAW – call it ‘Violence Against Women’ 101, if you will.

We researched and presented all the information as a clear overview about Violence Against Women and the various types of gender-based violence including Domestic Violence, Rape, Female Genital Mutilation, Honour Killings, Human Trafficking and Forced Marriages.

We are also keen to emphasise and facilitate the importance of taking action to stop, prevent and end VAW, hence a practical section on getting and giving help for victims and survivors of gender-based violence.

In addition, we have a section for just for men – The Men’s Room. Here is where men who are keen to help end VAW by educating themselves, educating other boys and men around them and to take practical steps to do so can find resources.

These are just some of the things we have to offer as part of helping to end VAW around the world. The website you see is just a seed – as we grow through the next few months, we will become a fully interactive resource with webinars, podcasts, forums, badges, public service announcements and downloadable materials.

Indeed, our fundraising gambit (selling pixels of a world-exclusive million-pixel collage of Celebrity Male Role Models) will not even be unveiled until the first half of 2010.

In the meantime, we welcome you.

We welcome you to look around our brand new virtual home and to make yourself at home.

We welcome feedback from you – it’s how conversation begins and how we can begin to break down the walls of silence complicit in perpetuating Violence Against Women.

We welcome you to start thinking, even for just a minute, how Violence Against Women impacts or would impact your life.

We welcome you to start taking action to prevent, stop and end Violence Against Women.

It truly is time to stop Violence Against Women. Together.

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