August 2nd, 2019 (WORLDWIDE): The Pixel Project, an anti-Violence Against Women non-profit, will be holding the sixth annual Fall Edition of their Read For Pixels campaign. “Read For Pixels” 2019 (Fall Edition) features live YouTube sessions with award-winning bestselling authors in support of The Pixel Project’s work to stop Violence Against Women (VAW). Participating authors include A.M. Dellamonica, Anna Smith Spark, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Daryl Gregory, James A. Moore, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Nicholas Eames, Nicky Drayden, R.F. Kuang, and Stephen Graham Jones.

“Read For Pixels” 2019 (Fall Edition) YouTube livestream sessions will run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings North American time from September 1st to September 30th 2019. Each session will feature an author reading from one of their books and discussing women and girls in their books, why they support ending violence against women, and women in the media, geek culture, and popular culture. Each session will also include a live moderated Q&A session for fans and book lovers to ask their favourite authors questions in real time.

The Pixel Project will also be hosting the 2nd Read For Pixels YouTube live panel session: We Are The Witches You Couldn’t Burn: Writing Violence Against Women in Horror in the Age of #MeToo. Acclaimed Horror authors and special guests Hillary Monahan, Sarah Langan, and Christopher Golden will be discussing violence against women in the Horror genre and techniques for tackling the subject without dehumanising female characters. There will also be a live Q&A segment for writers and fans to ask Ms. Monahan, Ms. Langan, and Mr Golden questions. Multi-author panel sessions are a feature of the Read For Pixels programme created to be an accessible resource for writers interested in writing about female characters and approaching themes such as  misogyny, sexism, gender, and violence against women with depth, empathy, and accuracy.

Participating authors have also generously donated a range of exclusive goodies to help The Pixel Project encourage fans and book lovers to donate to the Pixel Reveal campaign including: Exclusive book and goodie bundles, signed first editions or special editions of participating authors’ books, e-books, a chance to be a minor character in their upcoming books, sought-after critique sessions with acclaimed authors, 30-minute 1-to-1 Skype calls, and more. There are also exclusive goodies courtesy of Adrian Tchaikovsky (with Macmillan Books UK), Alison Goodman, Alma Alexander, Charles de Lint, David D. Levine, Jen Williams, Juliet E. McKenna, Laura Anne Gilman, Leanna Renee Hieber, Richard K. Morgan, and Tananarive Due. Donations begin at as little as US$5 and the goodies are available to donors as “thank you” gifts and perks depending on the donation amount. Fundraising will take place on RallyUp in tandem with the YouTube livestream series over the month of September 2019.

“Violence against women is one of the most widespread and entrenched human rights violations in the world and The Pixel Project is delighted that so many acclaimed authors have stepped up to join us in raising much-needed funds and widespread support for this cause,” said Regina Yau, Founder and President of The Pixel Project.  “To date, the Read For Pixels campaigns have collectively raised almost US$63,000 for the cause and ignited online discussions about violence against women by fans and supporters. We will continue to hold the Fall Edition “Read For Pixels” annually in September as part of our ongoing programme of Read For Pixels events and activities. It is our hope that the authors’ support of the cause will inspire fans of their wonderful books and book lovers worldwide to not only donate generously, but also begin taking action to stop the violence in their communities wherever they are in the world.”

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The Pixel Project is a complete virtual, volunteer-led global 501(c)3 nonprofit organisation whose mission is to raise awareness, funds and volunteer power for the cause to end violence against women using  a combination of social media, new technologies, and popular culture/the Arts.