As part of The Pixel Project’s Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert, we talk to the music artists who have participated in the concert about why they are using their music to speak out and to say NO to violence against women. 

Our twenty-third featured artist is  ULRIKA. ULRIKA’S gifted voice and songwriting blurs the lines between pop, indie and electro. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, Ulrika crafted her powerful voice throughout many years of choir school and classical training. With a unique and spirited personality, her global appeal and sound has been compared to artists such as Sia, Ellie Goulding, and Gwen Stefani. Aside from lending her eyes to CoverGirl and her voice to an international campaign for Gillette, Ulrika has been featured in H&M’s 2014 summer magazine. She has reached notable success on YouTube with millions of views and thousands of followers, which has led to sponsorships with TC-Helicon and Tannoy Speakers. Ulrika’s debut single “Animal” was well received by bloggers around the world and has been referred to as “epic pop”. She will be releasing her full EP Summer 2015. To learn more about ULRIKA and her music, visit her YouTube channel or follow her on Twitter or Instagram.

The Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert was held in support of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign in benefit of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The Pixel Project. Donate at just US$1 per pixel to reveal the mystery Celebrity Male Role Models and help raise US$1 million for the cause while raising awareness about the important role men and boys play in ending violence against women in their communities worldwide.

Donations begin at just US$1 and while the Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert Indiegogo fundraiser is running from June 5th to July 5th 2015, donors can donate to get exclusive music and artist goodies ranging from personal Skype concerts to treat bundles for the serious music lover.

Ulrika 1Tell us about yourself and why you have decided to take part in The Pixel Project’s Music For Pixels Summer Charity Concert.

My name is ULRIKA. I’m a Swedish pop artist and writer, now located in Atlanta, GA. I have classical schooling, but knew from an early age that the pop genre would be the most natural and important one for me to take on as a career. The Pixel Project’s mission is something I feel strongly about supporting. The overall message in my songs is inspiring and self-empowering. I believe that especially young females need a strong, positive role model in music.

Why is ending violence against women important to you?

I was raised in Sweden which ranks as one of the world’s most gender-egalitarian countries, based on firm belief that men and women should share power and influence equally. Because of the social values of my country and upbringing, I think it’s pretty self-evident that violence shouldn’t exist and especially not violence against women.

In your opinion how does music help in efforts to end violence against women?

Music is one of the most powerful tools to influence society. You can’t escape music.  It’s in your home, at the mall, in the car, on your trip etc. If a song is written correctly it can help spread a positive and educational message to the uninformed. It can raise awareness and inspire the community to take action while empowering the abused women to get out of their situation.

What actions can music artists take to help end violence against women?

We can raise awareness by writing songs on the topic. We can perform and speak at events like The Pixel Project. We can use our “power” and be vocal about issues like this in social media and such outlets to inspire our fans to get emotionally and actively engaged.