Welcome to The Pixel Project’s “30 For 30″ Father’s Day Campaign 2013! In honour of Father’s Day, we created this campaign:

  • To acknowledge the vital role Dads play in families, cultures and communities worldwide.
  • To showcase good men from different walks of life who are fabulous positive non-violent male role models.

Through this campaign, we will be publishing a short interview with a different Dad on each day of the month of June.

This campaign is also part of a programme of initiatives held throughout 2014 in support of the Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign that is in benefit of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and The Pixel Project. Donate at just US$1 per pixel to reveal the mystery Celebrity Male Role Models and help raise US$1 million for the cause while raising awareness about the important role men and boys play in ending violence against women in their communities worldwide. Donations begin at just US$10 and you can donate via the Pixel Reveal website here or the Pixel Reveal Razoo donation page here.

Our twenty fifth “30 For 30″ 2014 Dad is Randy Gregorcyk from the USA.


The Dad Bio

Randy is a working professional in the property management and safety industry. He is actively involved in a men’s soccer team, politically supports his community through various boards, and was recently a City Councilman. Randy and his wife adopted their daughter the day she was born. As the father of one daughter after painstakingly seeking a natural birth, he is thrilled to be a father with a great journey of leadership, love, and compassion through Christ ahead of him.

Randy and Emsley Pic1. What is the best thing about being a dad?

Experiencing unconditional love from my daughter is the best part of being a dad. At two and a half years old, I have already, and will continue, to experience a bond that only a father and daughter can have. Her blessing, love, and laughter has improved the world we live in and, to the end, I strive to equip her to be a contributor to our society.

2. A dad is usually the first male role model in a person’s life and fathers do have a significant impact on their sons’ attitude towards women and girls. How has your father influenced the way you see and treat women and girls?

As a son, my father raised me to love, respect, and admire my mother. Because of this, my admiration and respect for women became key as a young adult and, more importantly, as a future husband. My wife could see the love that my father had for my mother and she later told me that part of her love for me was seeing those same characteristics in me. My father continues to influence my actions as a new father to Emsley and I am happy that I paid attention and can be an active father to her.

3. Communities and activists worldwide are starting to recognise that violence against women is not a “women’s issue” but a human rights issue and that men play a role in stopping the violence. How do you think fathers and other male role models can help get young men and boys to take an interest in and step up to help prevent and stop violence against women?

Whether through church activities, school gatherings, or other community outreach options, we must lead by example and take interest in their lives. By partaking in positive community activities with our sons and daughters, we have the opportunity to surround them with positive role models and show them the positive characteristics that we hope to instil in them for the future.