News-Coffee9-150x150Welcome to the 58th edition of The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest (the One Billion Rising edition)!

This fortnight people from all over the world gathered to dance as part of the One Billion Rising movement. Events were held from the Democratic Republic of Congo to South Asia to United States. We cover news about the event from prison inmates joining the One Billion Rising, to its resonance in India where the gang rape in Delhi ignited mass protest, to discussions on why dancing to raise awareness on Violence Against Women matters.

The One Billion Rising dance in the Congo raises the issue of women being subject to violence in conflict zones. In Syria and Mali, women are the collateral damage of ongoing political conflict in these countries. High-profile cases of domestic violence involving celebrities have emerged in China and South Africa. In South Africa, a star athelete has been involved in the murder of his girlfriend in a case that might involve intimate partner violence. In China a high-profile divorce case brings discussion of domestic violence to the fore.

During this fortnight the United States has also moved on to pass the Violence Against Women Act, which had been stalled due to partisan debates.

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