This week in Kololi, Gambia, a forum was held to provide training and education by members of The Female Lawyers Association (FLAG) and The Gambia Teachers Union (GTU). The US Embassy also supported this day’s training and its focus was on the message to end violence against women and girls.

Teachers from across the country gathered at the Paradise Suites Hotel for a workshop based on the Women’s Act 2010. These teachers were trained on domestic and sexual violence among women and girls in order to formulate a message which could help transform the societal norms and values in the country. Further, the aim was to provide knowledge and focus for the subject. Amie Bensouda, the chairperson of the program, stressed how domestic violence is a concern for everyone and should never have to be tolerated.

The president of FLAG, Janet R. Sallah-Njie, discussed how current norms enable silence among victims. Even justice systems fall short in allowing victims to enforce their own rights. Although certain types of abuse, such as domestic violence, occur within the private sphere of the home, they should no longer be regarded as a private matter—the community should feel the impact as well. Once the issue enters the public sphere, the hope is that knowledge will provide better protection. Violence of this nature deserves repercussions and is sadly one of the types of human abuse hardly recognized.

This program set forth a message for others to collaborate on this matter in order to provide security to those women and children affected by abuse. Those involved have entreated their communities to help find a solution to this issue.

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