In an effort to make a shelter environment more peaceful and welcoming for women escaping abuse, Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry is working with the Jenesse Shelter in Los Angeles, California on a remodeling project.

Ms. Berry has financed two of the fifteen remodeling projects herself and, through the “What a Little Love Can Do” project, she is hoping to raise funds for the remaining apartments: “It is my belief that the spirits of many battered women have been so broken that they can only DREAM of living independently in a safe, warm and beautiful space free of the horrors of the past. Through living in an apartment that was designed with love and attention to detail that is reflective of modern day living, I believe these women and children will have an amazing opportunity to begin to live a reality that is possible and most importantly, begin to dream the dream for themselves.”

Ms. Berry named one of the apartments she remodeled after her daughter, intending it as a space where “children can go to obtain new clothing as needed, have parties, play dates, play games, read and have much needed art and psycho therapy.”

Sponsorship information and the results of the renovations can be seen in pictures and video at


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