When it comes to major groundbreaking campaigns such as The Pixel Project’s Celebrity Male Role Model Pixel Reveal campaign, it can take YEARS just to complete the necessary components to get it off the ground. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

For us, it has taken nearly two years of hard work, solid teamwork and unfaltering faith to get to this point – our third and penultimate Celebrity Male Role Model photo shoot.

Of course, we cannot reveal who the third Male Role Model involved is at this point, but we will say one thing about him:

He is an incredible man who has devoted his life to saving the world. Yet in the midst of his insanely busy schedule, he has been amazingly generous with his time with us and a real trooper in enduring the humid, unpredictable weather that has been the main challenge of this outdoor shoot in the Florida Keys.

We simply cannot wait for enough pixels to be “bought” to reveal him to the world – we suspect that all of you will agree with us that he’s an AWESOME Male Role Model for everyone!

Since we cannot do this right now, we’ll do the next best thing:

As part of sharing our journey towards the campaign with you, we are proud to present to all our supporters a special behind-the-scenes blog post, captioned with notes from our wonderful principal photographer, award-winning Jillian Edelstein, about the unique challenges that went with this particular photo shoot:

I had not anticipated the 90 degree Fahrenheit temperature holding out in Key West in an early September arrival. That means you’re wilting unless you’re in an air conditioned situation or immersed in water.

My camera was protesting – it just had not adapted to the Florida Keys, and the humidity felt like it was rising – which was making it feel even hotter.

I was really concerned when my lens kept steaming up early the first morning! I was simply trying to do a dawn shot from my hotel patio. M. and D. who were assisting with the shoot joked about my camera being of an English variety. D. said not to worry as the steam rose as it would eventually ‘blow off’.

During the shoot, there was an endless mopping of the Male Role Model’s brow. I felt like I was constantly drenched in sweat. I changed three times on the day of the shot because it felt like I was constantly walking in and out of a sauna fully clothed.

Then another Florida weather factor kicked in – our PSA recording was interrupted for quite some time because of the sound of torrential rain. I just felt relieved that it wasn’t a hurricane that was interfering in our progress.

With this eventful yet beautiful photo shoot wrapped, we are nearly there with getting our world-exclusive Celebrity Male Role Model collage ready for the Pixel Reveal campaign.

All we need is for one more suitable Celebrity Male Role Model to sign up and we are ready to go. But who will it be? One thing is for sure – we are certain that he will be as fabulous as our current three Celebrity Male Role Models.

So wish us luck as we continue working on getting the final Male Role Model on board… and thank you all for being so supportive of us on our long journey.

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.

Regina Yau, Founder and President, The Pixel Project



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Photo credits:

All photographs of Jillian Edelstein are © Micah Edelstein

All photographs of Florida Keys scenery are © Jillian Edelstein

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