Welcome to The Pixel Project’s e-News Digest: Fifteenth Edition. We bring you the latest and most relevant news concerning violence against women around the world.

Observing news about violence against women around the world is always an experience that creates mixed feelings. Sometimes, one feels helpless and frustrated at the seeming lack of progress that is happening, and worse, the regression that happens.

Hollywood seems to have taken a turn for the worse with more celebrities involved in violence against women and the arguable glorification of intimate partner abuse with chart-topping hits. (While it’s true that Rihanna and Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie isn’t strictly related to a relationship involving domestic violence, it’s hard to shake off the implication when one is known for being a domestic violence survivor and the other is known for being a verbal abuser.)

It is also disappointing to know that despite the known links between domestic violence and World Cup viewership, FIFA has not taken a more vocal stance against domestic violence despite its many opportunities to do so. On a note less related to issues of popular entertainment, the Malaysian government is turning a blind eye to the systematic abuse of the Penan tribe, a Borneon tribe who have long been opposing the practices of logging companies.

But there are other things that offer some encouragement. The Cannes Lions Advertising Film Festival has awarded Bell Bajao! for their campaign on raising awareness about domestic violence in India. In Scotland an advertisement combating rape culture is being broadcast on television. And in Iran, a woman convicted of adultery and sentenced to death by stoning will no longer face that inhuman punishment, although she may still face execution.

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We can work to eliminate violence against women, together.


The Pixel Project Team

General Violence Against Women

The United Nations merges four UN programs – the Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW), the International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (INSTRAW), the Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women (OSAGI), and the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) – to tackle issues concerning the welfare of women around the world

Argentina: Report bares inhumane conditions in Argentine female prisons

Iran: Momentary reprieve for Sakineh, the Iranian woman convicted of adultery and was to be punished to execution by stoning. She will no longer be stoned to death, but she may still face execution

Pakistan: 13% increase of reported cases of violence against women in Pakistan since previous year

Thailand: In Pattaya, a full-scale campaign to address violence against women is launched

Domestic / Intimate Partner Violence

Canada: Recent shooting is a grim reminder that more needs to be done in Nova Scotia to deal with domestic violence

India: The Bell Bajao! campaign wins the Silver Lion at the Film category at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival

New Zealand: Around 80 police safety orders have been issued since New Zealand police force introduced the power to instantly separate a couple for five days at any report of alleged domestic abuse

Tanzania: The United Nations Population Fund launches World Cup themed anti-domestic violence advertisement in Tanzania

United Kingdom: Police record higher number of instances of domestic abuse during England’s World Cup loss

United Kingdom: Surge in domestic abuse coincides with England’s World Cup exit

United Kingdom: York sees 10% rise in domestic violence

United States: Letter to the editor – a resident of North Carolina explains difficulty of police report of domestic violence taken seriously

United States: Scientific development – anti-depressants may help those who are inclined to violence after alcohol consumption

United States: Mel Gibson, bona fide abusive asshole –triggering recordings of threats made against his partner

United Stats: Jaleel White, actor famous for portraying Steve Urkel, arrested for alleged domestic violence

United States: Debate – is the song ‘Love the Way you Lie’, sung by Eminem and Rihanna, a positive message concerning violence against women?

United States: A new Alabama law allows people who are dating to seek court protection if they are abused

Rape and Sexual Assault

Malaysia: Probe finds patterns of sexual violence against the Penan tribe

Malaysia: Malaysian activists slam failure to curb Penan rape cases

Malaysia: Seven more members of the Penan tribe testify of rape used to systematically crush their opposition to loggers

Turkey: Women demonstrate against abuse and rape by police officers

United Kingdom: Scotland’s first advert at tackling prejudice against rape victims is being broadcast

United States: The Village Voice released audiotapes of NYPD officers manipulating crime statistics by downgrading crimes, resulting in various reports of rape and sexual assault reported as misdemeanours

United States: 80% of rape kits in Illinois go untested

Sex Trafficking

Canada: No plan to combat youth sex trade

Ireland: Ireland performs poorly in combating child sex trafficking, says report

Honour Killings

Honour killing is a global phenomenon – according to Amnesty International, honour killings are most widespread in Pakistan

India: Over 1000 honour killings done ever year

India: Should honour killing be dealt as murder? How certain laws make it easier for murderers to escape if it is done in the name of ‘honour’

India: In India, castes, honour and killings intertwine

Forced Marriages

Bahrain: Needy families are marrying off daughters as young as ten to avoid falling into poverty

United Kingdom: British government hears more of families forcing gay men to marry

United Kingdom: Forced marriage cases on the rise in the Pakistani and Indian community in the UK

Female Genital Mutilation

Iraq: The razor and damage done: female genital mutilation done in Iraq

Iraq: Female genital mutilation in Iraq – a midwife’s tale. Powerful video of an interview with a midwife who carried out over 500 female genital mutilation

Ireland: More than 2500 migrant women in Ireland experience female genital mutilation in the country

United States: Female circumcision under debate – the American Academy of Pediatrics’ short-lived revision on female circumcision has reignited the debate on how best to eradicate the practice