One of our comrades in ending violence against women, Rape Crisis (England and Wales), has launched a campaign to secure a commitment from the new Coalition Government for sustainable funding.

According to a report called The Crisis in Rape Crisis, Rape Crisis centres are closing at an alarming rate because of a lack of funding. There were 68 such centres in 1984 in England and Wales and how there are just 38. Nine centres have closed in the last five years.

The report notes that rape survivors who had turned to a Rape Crisis centre cited many positive impacts for themselves and their loved ones. These positive outcomes included improved mental well-being, a reduction in self-harming, better inter-personal relationships, the ability to return to work or school, and less dependence or even cessation of medications.

To put the funding crisis in context, the Crisis in Rape Crisis report notes that the 35 Rape Crisis centres that responded to their study had a combined annual income of £3,570,912 in 2006-2007. The government of the day spent more than double that amount on advertising and public relations each week.

Rape Crisis (England and Wales) is asking for reassurance from the new Coalition Government that it will honour past commitments to provide sustainable funding to Rape Crisis centres and they are calling on members of the public to help get their message out.

For more information on their campaign, including actions you can take to help, we invite you to visit the Rape Crisis (England and Wales) website.

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