A special post from Team Jake about why you should cast your vote for Jake Gyllenhaal in the Pixel Project Voters’ Choice campaign.

Why vote for Team Jake? Putting aside his gorgeous baby blues, the man really is a genuinely nice person, who not only truly believes in the causes that he offers succour but, also lives it. As he once remarked, ‘I’m political and I make choices in my movies that I think are political. I try and say things with what I do’. There’s no lip-service only with Gyllenhaal. Think about that for a moment. How often can you actually say that about someone?

So who is this Jake what’s-his-face? Born under the Sagittarius star sign, Gyllenhaal debuted at eleven in the movie City Slickers. Blessed with the talent to produce powerful performances, Gyllenhaal has been connecting with viewers through his realistic portrayal of roles like a psychologically disturbed teenager in Donnie Darko, an aggressive, frustrated Marine in Jarhead and his most recognised role as the sexually and emotionally confused Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. He’s still a little boy at heart though. In his latest movie the Prince of Persia, where he plays the title character, Gyllenhaal admitted in an interview that he is excited about the action figure replicas of himself that will be released alongside the movie. In fact, he’s even going to buy loads of them.

Growing up in a socially aware family, Gyllenhaal crusades for a myriad of causes such as Global Green, College Summit, Declare Yourself, BID 2 BEAT AIDS and the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. He habitually recycles, annually donates to have trees planted in a Mozambique forest and, prompted by the filming of The Day After Tomorrow, went to promote climate change awareness in the Arctic. With his sister Maggie, Gyllenhaal actively engages in educating students on their right to vote and has shot a commercial for Rock the Vote.

So why vote Team Jake? I think Gyllenhaal answers it best when he carried on saying, ‘Rightly or wrongly, young actors have all the power’.


So, did Team Jake convince you? You can vote at http://bit.ly/PixelVote and follow Team Jake on Facebook at http://bit.ly/VoteJake. When you vote, be sure to sign the petition too. It will go right to Jake Gyllenhaal , so every name counts!

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