A CALL TO MEN is an awareness-raising partner of The Pixel Project. Their vision is to shift social norms that define manhood in our culture, and their mission is to galvanize a national movement of men committed to ending violence and discrimination against women and girls.

A CALL TO MEN has partnered with the National Football League Players’ Association to produce a new book. Called NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters, the book celebrates “the unique and indestructible bond between fathers and daughters.”

We are happy to share with you the recent announcement from A CALL TO MEN about this book.


Recognizing that domestic and sexual violence directed against women is a serious social problem that continues to plague America, the National Football League and the National Football League Player’s Association have joined A CALL TO MEN, a leading national men’s organization dedicated to addressing this problem, to produce Dedicated to Daughters, a book celebrating the unique and indestructible bond between fathers and daughters. In it NFL players and coaches, through inspiring personal accounts, talk about what it means to be a father and the importance of being a role model for their daughters.

Courageous men of the NFL, men like Donovan McNabb, James Brown, Matt Hasselbeck, Tony Dungy, Jeff Saturday, and many others, volunteered to share their thoughts and opinions on what it means to be a real man in today’s society while engaging in thoughtful discussions on the role men play in preventing domestic violence. In so doing they have helped redefine our culture’s definition of manhood and shown what it means to be a caring husband, father, and friend. Much like the players, the NFL Player’s Association and the National Football League hope that those who read the genuine expressions of these influential men will be encouraged to find their own voice, stand up and speak out on this important issue.

To purchase NFL Dads Dedicated to Daughters visit www.amazon.com. A portion of all proceeds will support the efforts of A CALL TO MEN.

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