Hello everyone. As you may have noticed, we recently experienced a few technical difficulties that knocked our blog offline for a while. Well…we’re back!

Not that technological breakdowns could stop us from continuing our work. A lot has happened with The Pixel Project since the blog went down. Here is a quick recap:

  • On March 18, The Pixel Project was selected as one of the 15 finalists for the Ashoka Changemakers “Prevent Violence Against Women” contest, which seeks to find the most innovative and creative solutions to ending Violence Against Women. Winners will be announced around mid-April. Thanks to everyone who responded to our appeal for votes. You helped us get into the final round!
  • We held our second Weekend Webinar on March 27. This webinar featured Urjasi Rudra, Coordinator of UNIFEM’s “Say NO” campaign and was held in honour of International Women’s Day. Participants heard about UNIFEM’s efforts to end Violence Against Women and all participants counted towards UNIFEM’s 1 million grassroots actions to end VAW.
  • Great news on the Facebook front too. On March 31 we announced the number of supporters on our new Facebook fan page—over 800 fans had signed up in just 6 weeks. We sent out an appeal to our supporters to spread the word and help us get to 1,000 fans. Just 4 days later, on Easter Sunday, we reached 1,001 fans and are continuing to grow!
  • We are also planning our next big initiative for The Pixel Project. Details are top secret right now, but here’s a hint—it will involve audience participation and some pretty big names. We hope to have everything ready to go by April 21. Check back here for more details.

Momentum is building for The Pixel Project and we invite you to check out our next post, later this week, to learn more about the many ways you can help keep that momentum going.

It’s time to end violence against women. Together.

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