Welcome to the ninth edition of The Pixel Project’s Violence Against Women e-News Digest. We compile the latest and most relevant news from around the world concerning violence against women and steps taken to eliminate it.

April is Sexual Violence Awareness Month! As projects such as Walk a Mile in Her Shoes and Take Back the Night get kicked off around the world, we remind ourselves of some chilling knowledge: although many of us recognize that sexual violence is an all-too-present danger for many women around the world, the vast majority of people are ignorant of the many forms it takes and how widespread a problem it is.

A survey conducted in Australia show that 1 out of 20 people believe that women who were raped had somehow ‘asked for it’. The figures could be much higher in less developed countries. People tend to forget that in a crime like rape, the victim is neither the criminal nor the cause of rape–the rapist is.

At the same time, we need to recognize those aspects of a culture that may be accepted as normal but are, in reality, rape. For example, in Yemen, a girl who had been married off when she was 12 years old died from marital rape just a few days after her ‘marriage’.

But it isn’t just in countries like Yemen that we see cultures that legitimize rape. Prostitution is prevalent in many parts of the world, and more often than not, it is an industry of rape. Marital rape is hardly recognized in many countries. Women still risk the possibility of being seen as liars when they report rape and even imprisoned for not adhering to social expectations of what a rape victim should look or act like. (See the UK story in the Rape/Sexual Assault section, below.)

That’s why those of us who understand the realities of sexual violence need to speak up. The actions you can take to effect change can be as small as donning high heels to “walk a mile in her shoes” or, in our case, letting others know about any news concerning violence against women that you feel deserves greater attention.

Think about the ways you can help to reduce and put an end to violence against women. You can send any news concerning violence against women that you wish to see in forthcoming editions of The Pixel Project VAW e-Newsletter to our archivist, Catalina Rembuyan, at catalina@thepixelproject.net.

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General Violence Against Women News

World: Analyzing the role of guns in violence against women worldwide.

Increasing violence against women depicted on television and film.

Domestic Violence

Afghanistan: Police in Afghanistan are learning how to deal with domestic violence.

Pakistan: Pakistan moves closer to criminalizing domestic violence.

Paraguay: New specially trained police units set up to handle domestic violence reports.

Uganda: President has agreed to sign the Domestic Violence Act, which aims at punishing perpetrators of domestic violence.

United Kingdom: Club faces boycott for name that normalizes domestic violence – domestic violence is NOT something so distant and beyond us that we can make jokes about it.

United States: Group sheds light on statistics of domestic violence in Ohio.

United States: At a Men Rally for Change event, people spoke out against sexual and domestic violence.

United States: In Kansas, a lethality assessment program will help police confront issues of domestic violence.

Rape / Sexual Assault

How not to raise a rapist: rape is learned behaviour.

Australia: Survey on what Australians think about violence against women – 1 in 20 believe that women who were raped ‘asked for it’.

Australia: Rape is caused by rapists – on why attention should not have fallen on the 15-year old sister in the horrific case of the gang rape of a 7-year old girl.

India: 14 years after a rape in a police station, 7 accused were acquitted because victims failed to testify. Why did they fail to testify?

Jamaica: When a married woman is raped – a discussion on marital rape in the context of Jamaican law.

South Africa: An invention called Rape-aXe, or artificial vaginal teeth, has been invented to address rape in the region. South Africa has among the highest statistics of rape in the world.

United Kingdom: Woman jailed for making ‘false’ allegations against rape. How did the court decide? A chilling read.

United States: Men don high heels to participate in “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” , a project aimed at stimulating conversation concerning sexual violence against women.

United States: Sexual Violence Awareness Month kicks off with “Take Back the Night” events.

United States: University of Nebraska holds a film about rape and sexual assault, called ‘The Line’ to raise awareness and inspire discussion about sexual violence.

United States: A commentary worth reading – rape can send survivors down a rabbit hole.

United States: Old but good: myths that make it hard to stop campus rape.

Zimbabwe: Gay and lesbians risk facing corrective rape, sometimes by their own family members, in an attempt to turn them straight.

Sex trafficking

Cambodia: Artists are trying to help children recovering from sex trafficking in Cambodia by painting murals.

United States: Sex trafficking victims have resources in certain parts of the United States to help them.

United States: Focus on sex trafficking in Chicago.

United Kingdom: Feminists need to get smart over sex – Laurie Penny debates about the sex industry.

Forced Marriage

Malawi: Presenting Malawian girls with a classroom, not forced marriage – how change is happening in a country where 17% of girls drop out of school due to forced marriage.

United Kingdom: MP is considering making forced marriage a crime.

Yemen: Another dead child-bride — Yemeni child dies after marital rape.

Honour Killing

India: Couple on the run after a village panchayat in Utter Pradesh orders their honour killing.

India: Brother kills sister in honour killing. Her wrongdoing: falling in love with someone of the wrong caste.

India: India at odds as caste culture turns into a culture of honour killings.

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