Hi everybody! Kendall from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) here with some quick updates from NCADV on some of our current projects even as we work on The Pixel Project:

  • Registration for our 2010 National Conference is available and we are currently working on workshops, presenters, caucus events, and other exciting new additions.
  • We are also currently looking into creating a Child Custody manual and resource center for battered mothers needing help gaining custody of children.
  • A few weeks ago NCADV put out a press release condemning Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for eliminating ALL state funding for domestic violence programs in California. See press release here: http://bit.ly/Yf67L
  • Since then, NCADV has contacted many state coalitions and programs across the country to obtain information about what other governmental funding problems that are occurring in other states.
  • NCADV also held several conference calls in which many program representatives shared with us what is going on locally and state-wide.
  • Currently, NCADV is compiling a report with all of this information to present to Congress and the current Administration, after which we expect important changes and vital improvements to be made regarding funding.

For more details on these initiatives, please see the NCADV Public Policy updates and news here: http://bit.ly/17GWfn

Thanks for all your support for us and The Pixel Project – keep following, keep tweeting, keep Facebooking!

It’s time to stop violence against women. Together.

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