It never rains – it pours…

… and so nipping on the heels of our Official Songwriter getting on board and our first Celebrity Male Role Model joining us comes our first direct tweet from a high-profile personage: The Mayor of London.

Indeed, today Boris Johnson tweeted us his breaking announcement on the first of several new much-needed rape crisis centres in London:

After the earlier uproar over his failure to keep his campaign promise to keep London’s only rape crisis centre open, it would seem that he has did an about-turn to return to keeping his promise.

Then again, one of our supporters asked: “Is this actual action or just media hype?”

Well, hopefully it is actual honest-to-goodness-put-his-money-where-his-mouth-is action and if he doesn’t keep his promise this time, everyone will need to start petitioning him via tweets, Facebooking, emails, phonecalls and even old-fashioned signed and sealed letters.

Being a group of optimists, we will say that this is (tentatively) good news until proven otherwise.

We’ll be watching the progress coming out of this announcement and hope you will too.

In the meantime, to catch all our breaking news and the latest Violence Against Women news as it comes out “hot off the (virtual) press” as it were, do follow us on Twitter where you can find us at doing everything from tweeting the latest VAW news to answering our supporters’ questions to sending out information on Domestic Violence/Rape/Abuse helplines from around the world.

You never know – a tweet might save someone’s life.

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