The Pixel Project is proud to contribute to and support International Anti-Street Harassment Week (7 – 14 April 2013) by featuring the best anti-street harassment stories throughout the week. These stories have been kindly collated by our partner Stop Street Harassment to showcase how street harassment happens and the measures various women have taken to stop and prevent it. We hope that this series gives you some great ideas for how to prevent, stop and intervene in street harassment in your communities. This fifth story is reported from Bangalore City in India where earlier this year, men have taken to campaigning for the end to victim-blaming… by wearing skirts!


Image via the Deccan Herald

In India, 25 men in their 20’s restored my faith in humanity when they marched through their town in skirts to condemn victim-blaming and to say that wearing a skirt is not an invitation for rape. Their walk name? Skirt the Issue.

A crowd of 100 gathered at the end of the walk and the men pledged: “I promise that I will be sensitive to gender issues in the way I speak and act. I promise not to be passive. I will step in if I hear offensive speech or views. If I see something wrong happen in front of me, I will create a discussion and talk about my beliefs.”

One of the participants, Adithya Mallya, said, “Clothes and personal attitudes cannot cause sexual assault. Don’t waste time highlighting elements that have no importance. Instead address areas which require change.”

Another participant, Deepak, declared, “We joined the issue to share our voice, facilitate an awakening and stir the consciousness of narrow minded. Rape is not always determined by circumstance. It is our duty as men to take responsibility for our unforgivable actions.”