The run up to White Ribbon Day has been marked in New Zealand by the beginning of a lengthy motorcycle ride. Dozens of riders took to the road in the country’s North and South islands, to raise awareness of violence against women.

White Ribbon Day takes place on the 25th November, and was started in 1989 following the murder of fourteen Canadian women by an individual who declared that he was “fighting feminism”. The day is marked by different events throughout the world, as men and boys take a stand to end violence against women.

This year will mark the third White Ribbon ride in New Zealand, where riders will visit eighty different communities throughout the country, and ask the public to pledge their support to standing up against violence, with different events held in destinations along the route. The ride takes place over eight days, with riders joining and leaving the route throughout the duration. Speaking about the event, campaign manager Rob McCann stated that “We are hoping to make sure men know they don’t need to be violent to be a bloke”.