One of the goals of our awareness-raising efforts is to show people the full scope of the problem of violence against women. Violence against women is not just domestic violence and rape. It encompasses a wide array of crimes perpetrated against women because they are women.

We have written and talked about the many different types of violence against women. Today, we’re taking a different route – we’re using Wordle, a visual tool, to very literally paint a picture in words denoting the very many forms that violence against women take:

We gathered these words from the content on our website and edited the list to combine similar words into one term (for example, raped, rape, and rapes became “rape”). Larger words occur with greater frequency on our site, but the size is by no means an indication of which crime is more important. All are equally heinous and all are equally deserving of our attention.

Tomorrow, we will show the impact of violence against women in another Wordle graphic.

To see today’s Word cloud image in full size, visit or click on the word picture.

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