Welcome to the 23rd edition of The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest! As usual, we bring you the latest and most relevant news related to violence against women and efforts at eradicating it from around the world.

Germany is taking the leading role in the Western world’s fight against forced marriages. In late October, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet proposed to criminalize forced marriage in Germany with a maximum of five years’ imprisonment.

In the United Kingdom, the Islam Channel is being censored for condoning marital rape and violence against women. Ofcom, the British television watchdog, ruled the Muslim religious channel breached the broadcasting code in five separate programs from May 2008 to October 2009.

In Africa, public campaigns are making the practice of female genital mutilation less desirable. Ethiopian weddings are being used to promote the benefits of being an uncircumcised woman. Egyptian villagers are signing public pledges to stop the practice.

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General Violence Against Women News
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Domestic Violence
Arab Countries Suffer Epidemic of Domestic Violence
Insurance Company Helping Domestic Violence Victims Live in Freedom
Joining Forces Against Domestic Abuse in Armenia
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Forced Marriage
German Government Proposes in Making Forced Marriage a Crime
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Honour Killings
Jordanian Journalist Lectures on Exposing Honour Killings
Should You Get Killed For Celebrating Diwali?
Man Admits to “Honour Killing” Daughter in Sweden
Screening of “Quest For Honor”
Iraqis Extradited to Britain, Jailed For Honour Killing Cousin

Female Genital Mutilation
Support For Female Circumcision Declining In Africa
Female Genital Cutting Needs More Dialogue
Genital Mutilation Challenged
Kenya Urges Ban on Female Cutting
Nigerian Group Mobilises Youth Against Female Genital Mutilation

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