We are pleased to share, below, an announcement from the founder and CEO of Girl Child Network, Betty Makoni, about her new radio show on ZimOnline Radio. For the complete announcement, view the attached PDF: Muzvare Betty Makoni Show.

Muzvare Betty Makoni Show is the brainchild of Simba Nyanhanga who runs the Zimonline Radio. Simba lost his sister to child abuse and for a long time had followed my work and admired what I did with girls and really wanted his www.zimonlineradio.com to highlight my girl child empowerment model.

He approached me and asked if I could host a show as a means to encourage women to speak out about abuse. I was really touched by Simba’s story and his enthusiastic insistence that I should be the exclusive hostess for the show; one which could reach out and help to empower women and girls.

As I was already working to a very tight schedule, I wondered how something new could be added. However, even as I carried out my day to day work, my thoughts kept going back to Simba’s request and a plan started to take form at the back of my mind. I would have to make time for this show. I could take advantage of my many fans on Facebook and there were also over 10 000 supporters globally who followed my work on a daily basis. This would give me a platform where I could turn my Girls Empowerment Village in Zimbabwe into a Global Girls Empowerment Village. It would inspire and energise those who already supported our work and help them and others to see the more positive things women activists like me try to do against all odds. I accepted Simba’s invitation and was given a slot on Sundays from 10pm to 12 midnight, UK Time. The Muzvare Betty Makoni Show was launched!

It is well known that I suffered a lot of defamation through the media. It was in trepidation that I put myself out there, but it had to be done. I could have been the target of hatred once again for doing what I so strongly believe in. Although my work on the empowerment of girls is important, I knew this show must be for girls to speak about themselves. I would encourage them to talk to me and not about me. At the same time I would make it known that I always mean well, I am not afraid to speak about my work and I am passionate about what I do. My objective is to build the foundation for girls so that they may develop into women leaders and walk in the fullness of their potential. Through this show I want women and girls, who have suffered in life like me, to know – although their hopes and dreams have been broken, they can always bend down and pick up the pieces together. I want to send a message to all women and girls that unless we speak out; the world will not know that what we do is good and we do it with good will and good intent.

My show brings into the limelight women, girls as well as men who are doing amazing work. They get no other public recognition – no press coverage or TV interviews, yet they are the ones willing to work in the communities, in schools and within family units, wherever we need the real action. They are people who walk the talk. In my experience, it seems that most people who go on big shows and receive public recognition are already well-known and established celebrities. These women and girls who work tirelessly in their communities are overlooked and remain anonymous. My show is very innovative in showing the world that these women and girls are the true foot soldiers, who are doing the real work and changing the lives of many girls.

Just hold on and don’t go anywhere as many exciting guests and inspiring programs are coming. “Men as role models” is on the cards! My show will always invite men to share whatever good they are doing for families and communities. [A future] show will lay down the bare facts about male rape and for the first time the Zimbabwe protest musician Vio Mak launches a child sexual abuse album and calls a stop to the rape of children. It is a fully packed show with ordinary girls, women, men as well as boys who do extraordinary things!