Welcome to the 17th edition of The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest! As usual, we bring you the latest and most relevant news related to violence against women and efforts at eradicating it from around the world.

There has been an increase in headline news tying sports with domestic violence. In the United Kingdom, many counties are reporting that there was a significant increase in cases reported when the World Cup games were being broadcast in June and July. In the United States, domestic violence charges against professional athletes are being put to the forefront of sport news.

An alarming trend in schools in the United Kingdom should make anyone think seriously about the way we are raising our children nowadays. There has been a significant number of teachers being sexually harassed by their very young students. The youngest case involved a six year-old making sexual remarks to a 49 year-old teacher. Most sexual harassment incidents being reported by schoolteachers involved the threat of rape.

It is encouraging to see how local and national governments all over the world are increasing their efforts to protect women’s rights. But despite all these wonderful efforts, there are still many instances where women are not being provided adequate services and sometimes none at all. In Uganda, women who are made handicapped by armed conflict cannot get proper health care because, in addition to suffering from their injuries, people also see them as monsters to be avoided.

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We can stamp out violence against women, together.


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General Violence Against Women News
Churches in West Africa Urged Not Condone Gender-Bases Violence
UK Teachers Being Sexually Harassed By Students As Young As Six
Nigeria: Harmful Traditions Against Women
Stopping Violence Against Women Takes a Whole Community
Malaysia: Sisters Doing It For Themselves
Violence Against Women: The Perspective of Academic Women
Stop the “Pornification” of Women
Fashion Collaboration Cancelled Over Scandalous Labels
Indonesia: Commission Screens Films on Discriminatory Bylaws
Sylvester Stallone Won’t Tolerate Violence Against Women
Female Genital Mutilation Rising in London
Canada: Women’s Group Urging Further Probe Into Serial Killer’s Investigation
Maria Bello To Make Documentary of Violence Against Women in Haiti
Philippines: Provincial Government Backs Advocacy for Women and Kids
Uganda: Disability for Women Becomes Barrier
Afghanistan: Man Who Impregnated Widow is Under Taliban Detention
New Mexico: Tragedy Focuses Businesses To Averting Violence At Work
Human Rights Watch Says Women Need More Protection in US Detention
Come Forward To Stop Violence Against Women
Women Gaining More Rights in West Bank
UN Chief Announces Plans To Curb Violence Against Women
Did the “Craiglist Killer” Change Media?

Sports and Domestic Violence
World Cup Attacks Increase In Calderpale
A Double Standard When It Comes to Athletes and Domestic Violence
Portsmouth, UK: World Cup to Blame in Increase in Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence
Using Shakespeare To Combat Domestic Violence
Utah: Event To Benefit Victims of Domestic Violence
Family Urges Victims of Domestic Violence to Take Certain Steps
Rihanna & Eminem on Domestic Abuse
New Jersey: Phone Giant Verizon Offers $150,000 for Domestic Violence Victims
Haitian Forum Addresses Domestic Violence and Trauma
Arizona: Report Cards For Domestic Violence? Brazil: 10 Women Killed Daily As A Result of Domestic Violence
Mel Gibson Domestic Violence Case
New Zealand: Abused Women Asked For Help But Don’t Get It

China: Taoist Priest Under Probe Over Rape Claim
New Jersey: Suspect Denies Gang Rape of Seven Year-Old
Texas: Man Executed Over Gang Rape and Murder of Two Teens
Tennessee: Three Teens Charged With Toddler Rape
Greece: Man Seized in Mountain Hideout for Rape of Four British Women
Congo Rape: What Should We Do Now?
USA: Rape Kits Not Being Tested By Crime Labs
Congo: Army Needs Help To Stop Mass Rape
UK: Former Police Charged With Rape On-Duty

Sex/Human Trafficking
UK: Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times and Co-Author Interviewed on Book on Women Slavery
Indonesia: Government Urged Not To Forget Sex Slaves
Nigerian Women Sold a Dream of Migration But Ended Up in Hell
Rape Victims Applaud Stieg Larsons’ Film

Dowry Death
India: Man Arrested For Dowry Harassment After Wife’s Death
Housewife Beaten Over Dowry

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