Our awareness-raising partner, GlobalSister.org, recently featured an interview with Pixel Project founder, Regina Yau, on their blog.

The interview describes how The Pixel Project came to be, its areas of focus, and an outline of current projects. It also elaborates on how The Pixel Project is using social media to promote its cause, and the role that men can play in ending violence against women.

Regina’s positive attitude shines through in all parts of the interview, but her answer to one question is particularly encouraging. When asked: “What’s one thing you’d like every woman (or man) to know about ending violence against women worldwide”, she answered:

The Pixel Project would like men and women alike to know that it is only by working together that we will be able to end violence against women worldwide. It doesn’t matter how small or how major an action is – every action to prevent or stop violence against women and girls is yet another step towards ending it…

You could be: a teacher taking it upon yourself to teach the boys in your class to respect women and girls; a passerby stepping in to stop a rape; or the neighbor calling the police when you hear domestic violence happening next door.

Just do it – take action. It all adds up. Together, we can change things.”

Be sure to visit the GlobalSister.org blog to read the complete interview. And thanks to GlobalSister for their support!


If you are a GlobalSister.org organizational member, you can add your publications, research and reports to their resource list. Here is an excerpt from a recent request made by GlobalSister.org:

We are expanding our Resources page and we want you to provide GlobalSister members with the chance to link your recent online publications, research, reports and more!

The Resources page is a place to find websites, books, reports and studies, best-practices guides, and other information.

We want to create a vibrant, up-to-date library of information on issues specific to women.

To start, we’re focusing on six primary topic areas, including: Women’s Bodies, Development, Environment, Politics, Religion, Violence Against Women, and a Miscellaneous category.

To have your recent work included, send the URL where your publication can be found online and submit to natasha@sigi.org. Please include which category you think best fits your publication.

Let the Resources page help you share your work with a wider audience of engaged activists and organizations, connect with supporters, and demonstrate your expertise!

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