There are less than 3 days remaining in our Voters’ Choice campaign and we need a lot of help to get to our goal of 10,000 votes and as many petition signatures as possible!

If you are looking for ways to “sell” this campaign to friends, here are a few points that might motivate them:

  • The Pixel Project is inviting men and women to come together to solve the problem of violence against women (VAW). This inclusive focus is one of the standout features of our campaign. We call it a gender-blind approach and it demonstrates that we all need to work together to end VAW.
  • The campaign is being conducted entirely online and is a completely grassroots initiative. We want to build a movement, one voice at a time, to bring the conversation about VAW into the mainstream.
  • We have no corporate money and no mainstream media support. We rely completely on our tireless volunteers who have come together from four continents and 7 time zones and non-profit partners who have spread the news about our campaign.
  • The fundraiser we have chosen has never been done before. People who support The Pixel Project have a chance to participate in something truly groundbreaking while working to help end VAW.
  • We are about building partnerships and bringing people together. We have a number of awareness-raising partners and we work with them to cross-promote the work of their organizations.
  • We also want to share information to help abused women and their supporters. Our website is loaded with resources and tips for women who need help escaping violence. Our blog includes a bi-monthly digest of news about VAW from around the world.

The Voters’ Choice campaign is an important part of our efforts to enlist the help of well-known male role models who can inspire people to donate to our cause and, just as importantly, get people talking about the problem of VAW and come up with solutions.

Please vote and sign the petition today! Time is running out.

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