Hello and welcome to the 11th edition of the Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest. As usual we collect the latest and most relevant news related to violence against women around the world.

Over the past two weeks, we’ve had some bad news hitting our allies in fighting violence against women. State-backed funding, which is a crucial source of funding for many domestic violence shelters, was cut in two locations: Illinois in the United States and in Canada. Activists are fighting to have their funding restored.

Even though many people publicly acknowledge domestic violence as a real problem, it can be difficult to get sponsorship and support for work associated with it. Issues related to gender challenge our comfort zones, and corporations tend to prefer supporting work that appears less politically charged.

That’s why it’s important that awareness is raised concerning violence against women. The more people are aware of how prevalent it is, the higher the chances of people realizing how important it is. Whether it comes in the form of a big-name celebrity endorsement such as Demi Moore speaking up on the topic of sex trafficking or in honouring people who have been working quietly behind the scenes, every little bit counts.

If you have any news concerning violence against women in your local areas and efforts at stopping it, contact us and we’ll feature it in our upcoming VAW e-News Digest. You can send the news to our archivist at catalina@thepixelproject.net.

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Australia: Neglect of the aborigine community at Elcho Island results in rise of domestic and sexual violence.

Pakistan: Violence against women rising in the Sindh area.

Pakistan: In a fragmented society, women of religious minorities are easy targets of sectarian violence.

Sweden: The Swedish government will host two international conferences on the subject of violence against women in areas of conflict.

Turkey: Violence against women increasing in Europe.

United Arab Emirates: Reforms by governments in the Middle East in the making to help protect domestic maids from abuse. The current system exposes these women to human trafficking, forced labour, confinement and sexual violence.

Domestic Violence

Australia: New South Wales breaks domestic violence promise, delivers only half the promised number to a specialized unit.

Canada: Ruth’s Daughters, a group launched to unite women of faith against domestic violence.

Canada: Match International, a women’s aid group, loses its funding.

Cambodia: Preliminary results of a survey across 13 provinces shows decline in women affected by domestic violence cases.

France: The French postal service celebrates V-Day.

India: Our affiliates, Bell Bajao in India, in the press! – Ring bell, curb domestic violence.

Indonesia: As people develop greater awareness of gender-related issues, the number of reported cases of violence against women and children are on the rise.

Kenya: Pregnant women are 60% more likely to become victims of domestic violence, health professionals urged to be watchful of abuse cases especially among teen wives.

Malaysia: NGOs push for greater awareness of the Domestic Violence Act, emphasize that the goal of the Act is not just intervention but prevention.

Timor-Leste: Domestic violence law passed in Timor-Leste.

United Kingdom: Man honoured for his role in combating domestic violence.

United States: Another man honoured for his role in combating domestic violence – this time, the founder of the Women’s Justice Center.

United States: 3 domestic violence bills in Connecticut to pass the state Senate shortly.

United States: In the state of Illinois, domestic violence shelters are urging the government to reconsider the state budget, which leaves shelters running out of funding.

United States: More on the crisis in Illinois – domestic violence shelters out of money.

United States: Universities looking for answers for intimate partner violence.

United States: When it happens to us: a look at domestic violence in LGBT relationships

United States: New laws passed in New York to create Women’s Equality Day and protect domestic violence victims

United States: Here’s an interesting idea – 4000 purses raised for survivors of domestic violence, with each purse having a special tag sewn inside with a hotline number

Rape and Sexual Assault

Australia: Blame the victim, excuse the perpetrator – response to a case when a man was acquitted of rape because he wouldn’t be able to remove a woman’s skinny jeans without her assistance

Canada: Sex assault victims in Prince Edward Island may experience an improvement in the treatment system, shortening the period between medical check-up and assault

Congo: “Conservatives are abandoning Congo’s rape victims”. Canadians debate on how the country can stop the violence in Congo.

United States: Case of Bernard Jackson raises questions about the legal system.

United States: Disturbing – in a ‘trade off’ attempt to reduce violence among male residents in a mental ward, caretakers are increasing chances of sexual violence instead.

United States: Project Dinah targets campus sexual violence.

United States: Woman prison inmate reports sexual assault by guard, gets sent to solitary instead.

United States: Victims are not alone in rape.

Sex Trafficking

Egypt: United Nations urges Egypt to intensify efforts at combating sex trafficking.

Ireland: As crime rises in the first few months of 2010, sex trafficking increases by about 138% .

South Africa: IOM South Africa launches visually arresting campaign to combat human trafficking, particularly in anticipation of the World Cup.

United Kingdom: United Kingdom to tighten laws on immigration, primarily due to concern about human trafficking.

United States: Actor Demi Moore speaks up against sex trafficking.

United States: Focus on Craigslist – what is Craigslist doing with the money it earns, including from ads for adult services?

United States: The Oakland Local has recently published an eight-part series on sex trafficking. Read the entire series here.

United States: Prosecution in Kansas for the first case of sex trafficking involving the child’s own parents.

Honour Killing

Australia: Sexist migrants create problem, says country’s most senior judge.

Canada: Toronto filmmaker wins award for documentary on honour killing in North America.

India: Caste curse, rising honour killings.

India: Middle-class murders – how honour killings serve as a form of femicide in an upwardly mobile class of society.

Forced Marriage

South Africa: Call to act sternly on forced marriage.

United Kingdom / Iran: Iranian civil rights activist who fled a forced marriage spared deportation to her country.

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