News-Coffee9-150x150Happy new year and welcome to the 75th edition of The Pixel Project’s VAW e-News Digest!

Ringing in the New Year, Women’s eNews announces the names of inspiring women for its 21 Leaders for 21st Century 2014 . Women’s eNews say that “Each one vividly demonstrates the power and impact of carrying forward the insistence on equality and equity for women and girls. Together they create and continually expand the chorus of voices singing the same song: Women’s rights are human rights.”

South African President Jacob Zuma defends his country’s efforts battling violence against women. A recent Interpol study suggest that South Africa as the “world’s rape capital.” He says his administration is “working tirelessly to implement initiatives to deal with the crime of rape.”

A series of child marriage cases in Saudi Arabia have caught the eye of the nation’s media organisations. The Shura Council will debate a law that outlaws marriage of a girl younger than 18, except in the instance of a court order.

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